[ Sir Frank Stockdale in Batavia. ] Autograph journal of a three-week fact-finding tour to Batavia (Jakarta, Indonesia) and Java.

Sir Frank Stockdale [ Sir Frank Arthur Stockdale ] (1883-1949), agriculturist and colonial civil servant [ Batavia (Jakarta, Indonesia) ]
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[ Colonial Office, Whitehall. ] Batavia (Jakarta, Indonesia) and Java. 6 March to 6 April [ 1932? ].

85pp., 12mo. In good condition, on aged paper, with staples rusted away. In government-supplied 'S.O. Book 136' notebook, with brown card printed cover ('G. R. | Supplied for the Public Service'). Ownership signature on front cover: 'F. A. Stockdale | Eastern Tour | No 2 | Java.' Year not stated, but around 1932. Written in a close and difficult hand.

Six maps and plans.

Java; Malaya; Malaysia; Indonesia; Semarang; Sumatra
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Circa 1940s.

All six items aged, but in reasonable condition overall. ITEM ONE: Cloth (British army?) map, roughly thirty-six inches by twenty-three wide, in colours, of 'SIAM (THAILAND) (EXTREME SOUTH) MALAYA (F.M.S.) SUMATRA (CENTRAL), with 'SIAM (THAILAND) (PART OF) SUMATRA (NORTH)' on reverse. With pin holes in corner borders (not affecting map). ITEM TWO: Dutch cloth-backed map, roughly twenty-two inches by thirty-five, in colours (Lith: G. Kolff & Co. Batavia'), for the 'Java Motor Club', of 'MIDDEN [middle] JAVA'. With a little damp staining to reverse.

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