Three autograph notes signed, and one autograph postcard initialled, to Sir Robert Hudson, political organiser (see DNB, and obviously a Johnsonian.

R.W. Chapman
Publication details: 
( Park Town, Oxford, 1925

Scholar (esp. Johnson and Austen studies) and University Publisher, 1881-1960, see DNB. Total 3 pages (excl. pc), 8vo and 4to. Subjects include (with quotations): writing on a train; misreading "The cup of your patience (p.29) as the CROP"; significant postscript, a nunc dimittis, "I have not lived in vain - I have negotiated the purchase of the Brit. Museum of all that survives of the MS. of Persuasion [underlined]"; (he obviously sends scripts to Hudson) "I have no present intention of printing this . . . It is possible [underlined] (I think very unlikely) that the Eng.

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