[Thomas Henry Huxley's first defence of Darwinism.] Printed article titled: 'Time and Life: Mr. Darwin's "Origin of Species." | By Professor Huxley, F.R.S.'

T. H. Huxley [Thomas Henry Huxley]; Charles Darwin; Darwinism; Darwinian controversy; Origin of Species
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[Seven-page article (pp.142-148), extracted from Macmillan's Magazine, London, December 1859 (vol. 1).]

A highly influential article, in which the man who would be nicknamed 'Darwin's Bulldog' fires his opening salvo in the Darwinian controversy. (The article would be followed by a letter to The Times, 26 December 1859.) The seven page article (pp.142-148) is on four leaves, 8vo, extracted from a copy of the December 1859 number of 'Macmillan's Magazine'. Disbound and loose. In good condition, on lightly aged and stained paper.

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