Autograph letter signed to "Mrs Gray".

Charles Voysey
Publication details: 

Theistic preacher (1828-1912). 6pp., 8vo. He is responding to the judgement of the Privy Council given on the 11th February that he be under "sentence of deprivation" unless he retracted his unorthodoxies. He discusses disestablishment, the need for the representation of national views, and the fund which established his independence.

Autograph letters signed (x 4) to "J. Strathall"

Beriah Botfield
Publication details: 

Bibliographer (1807-1863). Total 5pp., three 8vo, one 4to, mainly concerning his exploration of his own family history (Boteville, etc.).

Circular letter signed to "Revd Sir" (presumably vicars in his diocese)

Brownlow North
Publication details: 

Bishop of Winchester (1741-1820). Secretarial hand followed by the signature "B. Winchester". The Government has asked him (and other bishops presumably) to ask the vicars in his diocese to obtain information about the "high price of provisions", the Clergy being thought "above the suspicion of being actuated by selfish & interested motives". He has passed on some questions (not present) to which he would like answers derived from enquiries in their parishes and neighbourhood.

Autograph letter signed to "Mr Tupper" (presumably Charles Lewis Tupper, Anglo-Indian administrator, see DNB)

Colin Scott-Moncrieff
Publication details: 
Lahore, 7 Nov. (n.y.)

Engineer and administrator (1836-1916). He thanks Tupper effusively for his hospitality ("Traditional old Indian hospitality").

Two manuscript poems about Fairies

Rose Fyleman,
Publication details: 

Children's writer. One page, sm. fol. Vestiges of hinges. Signed and dated by Fyleman. The Poems written in Fyleman's hand are: "I stood against the window" (2 verses, total 16 lines; and "Have you watched the Fairies?", 3 verses, total 9 lines.

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