[ 'Andre Massena, Baron de Camin', anti-Catholic rabble-rouser. ] Printed anti-Catholic handbill headed 'Popish Malice. | To the Protestant Inhabitants of York and its Vicinities.' With Autograph Notes by Massena and 'W Haty' of Sunderland.

'Andre Massena, Baron de Camin', anti-Catholic rabble-rouser in Britain [ anti-Irish sentiment in Victorian Britain ]
Publication details: 
The handbill printed by 'Geo. Hesk, Printer, "Standard Office," 29, Scale Lane, Hull.' Haty's note dated 7 April 1860.

Theodore Hoppen, in his 'The Mid-Victorian Generation', refers to a 'growing band of anti-Catholic lecturers who toured Britain in the 1850s and 1860s', adding that most 'were rogues like the former Dominican, Giacinto Achilli, and the soi-disant Baron de Camin. Almost all depended financially upon admission fees. Their lurid handbills advertised travesties of the mass, "the secrets of the confessional", and "wafer Gods" to be "sold at 1d. each at the doors".' See also Paul Colman Mulkern, 'Irish immigrants and public disorder in mid-Victorian Britain, 1830-80'.

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