[ Walton Adams, pioneering photographer and British Israelite racist. ] Collection relating to the Second Coming of Christ and the Great War, including typescripts and drafts of 21 articles, autograph notes, cloth map, model of the Great Pyramid.

Walton Adams [ Arthur Walton Adams ] (1842-1931), pioneering British photographer, co-inventor of the dry-plate process [ British Israelites; Knights of Tara; millenarianism ]
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Dolwyn, Kidmore Road, Caversham, Reading, Berkshire, and Delamore, Parkstone Avenue, Lower Parkstone, Dorset. One article dated 20 August 1917, and the others from around the time of the Great War.

The collection consists of 21 typewritten articles, with some drafts of the same; two folders of miscellaneous typed and autograph texts, a cloth map, a folding card model of 'The Pyramid' and a diagram of the 'City & Temple to scale'. BACKGROUND: Walton Adams, the founder of a family of notable British photographers and artists, including his son Marcus (1875-1959) and grandson Gilbert (1906-1996), was at his death 'believed to be the oldest professional photographer in the country' and 'the first photographer to use dry plates' (see his obituary, Times, 15 June 1934).

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