[ Chad Varah; Samaritans ] Telephone Masturbators and the "Brenda" System of befriending them. ['Samaritan Handbook No. 2 by Chad Varah']

Chad Varah [The Samaritans; Befrienders International; The Mithras Charitable Trust; masturbation; nuisance calls]
Publication details: 
Published by Befrienders International | St. Stephen Walbrook | London EC4N 8BN. [Printed by Joseph Wones Limited, London NW10 7XU.] [1976]

128pp., 8vo. Substantial stapled pamphlet. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. A seminal work in the field of nuisance calling. The cover carries an incongruous photograph of an attractive young woman looking determinedly upwards; on the back cover are copies of six relevant cartoons (i.e. attractive young woman to man in bed with her: '”You'll have to go now, Harry. I'm expecting an obscene phone call.”').

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