Handbill of 'Rules for conducting the six-pence <...> Society, In Aid of the Funds for defraying the <Expence> of carrying on the Worship of God, In York-street Chapel, Manchester.'

York Street Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Todmorton, Manchester
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To commence from the first of January, 1820. [...] W. Cowdroy, printer, Manchester.'

On one side of a piece of paper roughly 22 x 14 cms. Good, apart from some repaired damage at head from scorching, resulting in loss to two lines of text. Title followed by the eight rules of the Society over twenty-one lines of text. At foot names of the sixteen members of the Committee (eight ladies and eight gentlemen), together with those of the treasurer and secretary. According to BBTI William Cowdroy Jr was a printer, publisher and newspaper proprietor between 1795 and 1824.

[Printed] Postcard with bifoliate information card, addressed to "The Librarian, The Times Book Club, 93 New Bond Street, London, W."

[The Times Book Club]
Publication details: 
No date

The item was obviously inserted in a book borrowed from the Times Book Club. The postcard leaf is detachable from the information leaf, the first page of which is headed "The Times Book Club" adding "If you wish to keep this volume, the attached post card should be filled in and posted." The second page says "The published price of this book is [7/6 - entered by hand].The first page of the postcard gives categories to be filled in by the customer (title, author) and the printed statement !I am keeping the copy of this book which I now have.

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