[Robert Cole.] Around 260 Autograph Letters Signed to his parents in England, describing his life while working in the Malay Fisheries Department; with 20 letters from his wife Cicely to Rosalind Cole.

Robert Cole of the Department of Fisheries, Federation of Malaya [Penang, Malacca)
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Mostly written from Penang and Malacca in the Malay Federation. Dating from between 1952 and 1967.

The archive contains around 280 letters, two packets and negatives, various postcards, brochures and a driving licence. It contains around 260 letters from Robert Cole to his parents in Littlehampton, Sussex, England during the time he took up a Government position with the Federation of Malaya Fisheries Department in 1952 (Penang and Malacca, where he worked, remained Crown Territories within the Federation); and about 20 letters from his wife Cicely to Rosalind Cole.

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