[Robert Cole.] Around 260 Autograph Letters Signed to his parents in England, describing his life while working in the Malay Fisheries Department; with 20 letters from his wife Cicely to Rosalind Cole.

Robert Cole of the Department of Fisheries, Federation of Malaya [Penang, Malacca)
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Mostly written from Penang and Malacca in the Malay Federation. Dating from between 1952 and 1967.

The archive contains around 280 letters, two packets and negatives, various postcards, brochures and a driving licence. It contains around 260 letters from Robert Cole to his parents in Littlehampton, Sussex, England during the time he took up a Government position with the Federation of Malaya Fisheries Department in 1952 (Penang and Malacca, where he worked, remained Crown Territories within the Federation); and about 20 letters from his wife Cicely to Rosalind Cole.

Autograph Letter Signed ('John Murray') from the London publisher John Murray to E. W. Richardson

John Murray the fourth (1851-1928), London publisher [E. W. Richardson]
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On letterhead of 50 Albemarle Street, W. [London] 8 March 1898.

2pp., 12mo, one of them at ninety degrees to the other. In fair condition, on lightly-aged paper. Following an enquiry 'relating to Mrs Bishop's Korea', Murray is 'sending you today to the St James's Budget office, an electro of the Gate of Victory at Muk-den', which he hopes will suit Richardson's purpose. He apologises that they 'do not happen to have one ready-made of Seoul', and he asks Richardson to return it 'when you have made use of it in the review of Mrs Bishop's book in the 'Vegetarian' magazine.

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