[ Printed pamphlet. ] No. 6 of Tom Mann's 'The Industrial Syndicalist', with headline 'A Manchester Message to the Workers of Britain', devoted to a report on the First Conference on Industrial Syndicalism, Coal Exchange, Manchester, 1910.

[ Tom Mann (1856-1941), editor; Guy Bowman, proprietor ] [ 'The Industrial Syndicalist, London magazine; First Conference on Industrial Syndicalism, Coal Exchange, Manchester, 1910 ]
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December 1910 (Vol. I., No. 6.), 'Printed by T.C.P. Ltd. (T.U. & 48 hrs), 37A Clerkenwell Green, E.C., and Published by Guy Bowman, at 4, Maude Terrace, Walthamstow.'

48pp., thin 12mo. (20 x 9 cm.) Stapled. In good condition, on aged newspaper stock. Divided into ten sections: 'List of Delegates and Bodies Represented', 'The Conference', 'Chairman's Opening Remarks', 'Tom Mann's Address', 'The Resolution', 'The Discussion', 'A Weekly Newspaper' 'Manchester Syndicalist Education League', 'Parliamentary Action', 'Next Conference'. Ends with page on 'Industrial Syndicalism. What it is, and What it isn't', and two pages of details of 'Persons willing to speak as advocates of Industrial Syndicalism in their respective districts'.

[Dr César De Paepe, French syndicalist.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Dr. De Paepe'), in English, to the Liberal economist Thorold Rogers, asking for a copy of one of his books to review in his journal 'Le National Belge'.

Dr César De Paepe (1841-1890), French syndicalist, a major influence on the Industrial Workers of the World [Thorold Rogers [James Edwin Thorold Rogers] (1823-1890), economist and Liberal politician]
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On letterhead of Le National Belge, Bruxelles. 2 May 1885.

1p., 12mo. Good, on aged paper. De Paepe's grasp of the English language is not firm, but he makes himself understood. He has seen Rogers' 'new scientific book' 'Six Centuries of Work and Wages' advertised in 'many English papers'.

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