[Sir Tom Stoppard, playwright.] Autograph Signature ('Tom Stoppard') to a limited edition printed handbill of a passage about the merits of a cricket bat, from his play 'The Real Thing'.

Tom Stoppard [Sir Tom Stoppard, born Tomas Straussler] (b.1937), Czech-born British playwright [the game of cricket]
Publication details: 
No place or date (but after 1982). At foot: 'Printed by permission of Faber & Faber Ltd' and 'Of an edition limited to 500 this is no. 401'.

1p, 8vo. In fair condition, lightly aged, with creasing at edges. Signed at bottom right in red ink. Limited edition numeration added with a stamp. Beneath the heading 'The Real Thing' in block capitals, a characteristically-quirky eighteen-line quotation of a speech made by 'Henry', while 'holding his cricket bat', ending: 'This isn't better because someone says it's better, or because there's a conspiracy by the MCC to keep cudgels out of Lords. It's better because it's better.'

[Professor Henry Drummond of Glasgow, exponent of theistic evolution.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Henry Drummond') [to Rev. W. A. Wilson of Coleraine?], regarding a 'question' concerning a 'well known' name, which he wishes to 'remain a mystery'.

Henry Drummond (1851-1897), Scottish evangelist and biologist; Professor of Natural Science, Free Church College, Glasgow; exponent of theistic evolution; author of 'The Greatest Thing in the World'
Publication details: 
On letterhead of 3 Park Circus, Glasgow; 19 October 1891.

Drummond was a leading proponent of theistic evolution. In 1894 he published his 'Ascent of Man', which argued, after John Fiske, that altruism played an important part in the survival of the fittest. His sermon 'The Greatest Thing in the World' was hugely popular, and is still read, particularly in America. His 2pp, 12mp. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged. Folded once. Signed 'Henry Drummond.' The recipient is not named, but is probably Rev. William Andrew Wilson (1869-1918), Minister of New Row Presbyterian Church, Coleraine, father of the poet R. N. D.

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