[Victorian umbrella ephemera from Banbury.] Four advertising handbills printed by Cheney & Sons: including J. Harlock & Son's 'Banbury Umbrella Hospital', an engraving of a whippet with an umbrella on a bicycle; and 'Stone's Umbrella Holder'.

[J. Harlock & Son, Linen & Woollen Drapers, Banbury; Henry Stone & Son, wholesale stationers, Banbury; Cheney & Sons, General, Commercial & Artistic Printers, Banbury]
Publication details: 
Banbury: Three for J. Harlock & Son, Linen & Woollen Drapers, 3, Parson's Street; and the other for 'Stone' [Henry Stone & Son, stationers]. [All printed by Cheney & Sons, but two without printers' details.] None dated [all circa 1890].

All four items tastefully printed by Cheney & Sons, and all in very good condition. The first two items with 'CHENEY & SONS. TYP., BANBURY' at the foot of the first page; the third and fourth items without printers' details. ONE: For 'J. Harlock & Son, Linen & Woollen Drapers'. 4pp., 16mo (14 x 11 cm). Bifolium. On paper which is light-blue on one side and pink on the other. The design of the item features the cutting away for the top corner of the first leaf to reveal the words 'Sole Agents in Banbury for Dr. Jaeger's sanitary clothing' on the second.

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