[ The Raja of Wanaparthy. ] Autograph note signed ('W. J. Ramasor') to Mrs Craigie Braster, in response to a request for an autograph.

'W. J. Ramasor' [ Rameshwar ], Rajah of Wanaparty [ Wanaparthy Samsthanam; Raja of Wanaparthy ]
Publication details: 
Hyderabad [ India ]. 29 May 1866.

1p., 12mo. Aged, worn and creased, with the second leaf laid down on leaf removed from an album. Addressed on reverse of note to 'Mrs C Braster | Bellary', with stamp and two postmarks. Reads: 'Hyderabad | 29 - 5 - 66 | The Rajah of Wanaparty Presents his compliments to Mrs. Craigie Braster, and has much pleasure in complying with her request, and herewith encloses his Card as also his signature as underneath. | W. J. Ramasor'. The card has been removed from the second leaf, on which is laid down a slip of paper, with ink note beneath identifying 'The "Nawab" of Secunderhabad | 1866.'

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