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G.D. Liveing.

Autograph Letter Signed to “F. Ford”.

Professor of Chemistry, Cambridge University (1827-1924). 2pp., 8vo, good. He finds “syllabuses” a reflection of what was considered important at a certain time, and is pleased to have been sent a plan of Wollaston’slectures. He goes on to discuss Wollaston (a predecessor of his in theChair) and...

Henry Woods.

Autograph Postcard Signed to Holman Hunt (DNB).

Painter. He accepts an invitation to lunch.

£25.00 Autograph Postcard Signed to Holman Hunt
Horace Annesley Vachell.

Autograph Letter Signed to "Bill", (Wynyard, soldier and cricketer[?])

Novelist (1861-1955). 3pp. ea., 8vo, good. He cannot accept Bill’s invitation because he has arranged to play in a cricket match. He has been accumulating material for a book on Brittany(“By ‘serious’, I mean not a novel!), and reports on the success of The Face of Clay (published 1906).

Isaac Holden.

Autograph Letter Signed and Autograph Note Signed to John Holdsworth,

Isaac Holden, inventor and manufacturer (1807-1897). 2pp. ea.,8vo, good.In the former, he asks questions about the cost of the transport of meat from New Zealand and Argentina and to what this will be reduced “in thenear future”. He points out its influence on land prices in England (“Woolcosts...

Jacob Bright.

Autograph Note Signed to “Gentlemen”

Politician (1821-1899). 2pp., 8vo, reporting that Gladstone has given their “resolution” a positive response and that expressions of“strong feeling” from the north create a good effect in Parliament.

Lord Ashburnham.

Autograph Note, third person, to “Dr Wynne”.

Collector (1760-1830). One page, 8vo, good, giving himpermission to view his pictures.

Lord Kimberley,

Autograph Note Signed to “Leveson Gower” (E.F. Leveson-Gower, politician),

Statesman (1826-1902). One page, 8vo, good, confirming a dinner appointment.

Michael Haily.

Autograph Note Signed to “Mrs Tweedie”.

India Office. 2pp., 8vo, good, accepting an invitation to visit her at Devonshire House, if he “can get away from my Committee”.

Prince Vsevolode.

Autograph Note Signed ANS, 8vo, to “Miss Bentley”, envelope present,

Russian emigre (1914- ?). ANS, 8vo, to “Miss Bentley”, envelope present, postmarked 24 April 1958. He asks her to cash a cheque for him to save him time.

Randolph S. Churchill.

Autograph Note Signed to a fellow M.P.(name illegible).

Statesman, father of Winston (1849-1895). One page, 8vo, good, saying that, although he agrees with a Bill, his official position will not allow him to put his name to it.

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