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Alexander Siemens.

Electric Transmission of Power

(Pamphlet - Offprint. A Paper read before the North of England Institute of Mining and mechanical Engineers. General Meeting at Newcastle-upon-Tyne, December 8th, 1894 (Excerpt from the Transactions of the Federated Institution of Mining Engineers, London and Newcastle, 1895). 26pp., tall 8vo, 2...

The Cunard Steam Ship Company Limited

Offer for Sale of £4,000,000 Seven per cent.

(Title continued) Mortgage, Debenture Stcok at the Price of £90 per cent. 4pp., folio, folded, front sl. stained, mainly good. WITH: enclosure of blank application form, good condition. Two items,

Walter Besant.

Autograph note signed to illegible correspondent. [Manad?}

Novelist and miscellaneous writer (1836-1901). One page, 8vo, good condition. The scheme you refer to is not mine but (originally) that of the Rev. Dr Paton of Nottingham. I have given away all the papers in connection with the movement and therefore I must refer you to him

Wm Thompson.

Autograph Note Signed "To the Librarian of the London Institution".

Lord Mayor of London (Boase). One page, 8vo, some discoloration, text clear and complete. "To the Librarian of the London Institution- You will please to admit The Revd. Saml. Smith to the library & Lectures of the London Institution as my substitute".

Anna Bishop.

Autograph Letters Signed (x 2) to Mrs [Henry?] Brewster.

Ann[a] Bishop, singer (1814-1884)(DNB). (No date) Three pages, 8vo, fair but legible, edge rough where extracted from an album.. She is sorry not to have been able to see her. She is travelling to Australia on that day and willbe in England in four months. She apologises for the writing, giving...

Baron Bunsen.

Autograph Letter Signed to the Lord Mayor of London.

Baron C.C.J. Bunsen, Prussian diplomat and scholar (1791-1860). He helps the Lord Mayor with his plans for returning the visit of the King of Prussia in January 1842. He gives detailed information on the route and means of transport, including timings, instructs him on the protocol of contacting...

Bertie Alexander Meyer and Derrick de Marney.

Typed Agreement on the production of Christie's "Appointment with Death".

Agreement "to be associated in the exploitation of the said Play", 4pp., folio, manuscript correctionsand additions initialled throughout by the above parties, and finally signed by both. WITH: Typed copy of the agreemen,t5 May 1944, between Agatha Mallowan (Christie) and Bertie Alexander Meyer...

John Johnson

Typed letter signed to J.G. Wilson, Chairman of Bumpus's, booksellers

OUP. One page 8vo. A brief note about unpacking "Buenos Aires material" which had presumably been there for an exhibition.

John Leycester Adolphus

Autograph letter signed to J. F. Ellis,

Barrister and author (1795-1862). One page, 12mo. "Dear Ellis, / Doe v. Millett is very troublesome &c &c, and gave me infinite annoyance - but half the energy you have wasted in kicks at the drawer of the case, testator, partioners, members of family, and ever the unhappy Cornish...

John Lodge (later John Lodge Ellerton)

Autograph Note Signed to the President of the Catch Club (not named)

Musical composer (1801-1873). One page, 4to. He says simply that "it will not be in his power to attend the meeting of the Catch Club on Tuesday the 19th [?].."

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