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Sir Sidney Low

One autograph postcard signed and two autograph letters signed to Clement Shorter

Author. The letters total 5 pages, 8vo. He anticipates the publication of his "Governance of Britain", giving his view of the book. He thanks Shorter for as review (presumably in "The Sphere"), expresses admiration for Mrs Shorter's work (Dora Sigerson), discusses public reaction to his "Vision...

Sir Stafford Henry Northcote, 1st Earl of Iddesleigh

Note signed to Blundell Maple,

Conservative politician (1818-87). 2 pp, 12mo. In the handwriting of an amanuensis. "I have promised Mrs Moncrieff, the writer of the enclosed letter, to mention the name of Silas to you. / If you could see your way to meeting her wishes, I should feel grateful to you on her behalf. I am not...

Sir Stapleton Cotton, 1st Viscount Combermere

Autograph note signed to Sir John Cam Hobhouse (1786-1869, later Baron Broughton), President of the Board of Control,

General (1773-1865), who distinguished himself as commander of the allied cavalry in the Peninsular War. One page, 8vo. "Although Captn: Martin did not serve under my Command in India, I venture to forward to you his Memorial, and trust you will take an opportunity of bringing his claim under...

Sir Thomas Brock

Autograph letter signed to Captain McFall,

Sculptor (1847-1922). 3 pp, 12mo, on mourning paper. "I have just returned from a short stay in the Country and find your letter of the 29th ult With regard to the proposed Statuette in silver I need scarcely say I shall have much pleasure in assisting you in any way I can. / Your letter however...

Sir Thomas J. Lipton

Autograph fragment signed,

Grocer and yachtsman (1850-1931). One page, 3 inches by 4 1/2. "Yrs faithfully / Thomas J Lipton". Slightly foxed. Attached to a page from an autograph album docketted with a biographical notice.

Sir William C. Sargeaunt, K.C.M.G.

Autograph note signed to [?] Silver,

Colonial administrator (died 1888). One page, 12mo, on mourning paper. "Pray accept my best thanks for the Botanic tickets you have so kindly sent me. -" With an obituary from "The Colonies and India" for 1 August 1888.

Sir William MacCormac

Autograph letter signed to a member of the family of the civil engineer and politician Sir Charles Lanyon (1813-89),

Surgeon (1836-1901). "My dear Lanyon, / The young woman who has been working for me for some time past comes hwere when I wanter her to work, very well knowing my writing &c. I should not like to change without Cause but if an opportunity occur would be glad to assist your friend. I am sorry...

Squire Bancroft

Autograph letter signed to a bishop,

English actor manager (1841-1926), knighted in 1926. 2 pp, 12mo. "My Lord Bishop / I am sorry I cannot be of any service in the way you wish. My income is severely strained and, with regret, I have to refuse many similar applications." Traces of mounting on reverse.

Squire Bancroft

Autograph letter signed to Lyall Swete,

English actor manager (1841-1926), knighted in 1926. 2 pp, 12mo. "Let me thank you very heartily for all the valuable work you have done for the young people in Gower Street, with a hope that it may long continue." The reference is clearly to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, in Gower Street....

Squire Bancroft

Autograph letter signed to Mrs [?] Hill,

English actor manager (1841-1926), knighted in 1926. 2 pp, 12mo. "I am terribly over worked just now but must snatch a moment to tell you how truly grieved I am to know of your sad accident and illness. / I fear too, it will keep you from us on the 20th which will be indeed a regret." Signed "S...

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