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George Wyndham (1863 – 1913), Conservative politician, statesman, man of letters,

[ George Wyndham, M.P.; women's suffrage ] Autograph Letter Signed George Wyndham to Sir Richard [Temple], administrator in British India and a politician, concerning Women's Suffrage. WITH: related letter from Windsor Castle.

Two pages, 12mo, one edge ragged, with glue residue, with no loss of text, mainly good condition. [...] But, as far as Women's Suffrage is concerned, you may rest assured that I will do everything in my power to secure a decision of Parliament on the broad issues this Session. I am ballot-ing...

George Frederick Samuel Robinson, 1st Marquess of Ripon (1827 – 1909), sometime Viceroy of India

[ Marquess of Ripon; Self Government for India ] Substantial Autograph Letter Signed Ripon to Sir Richard [Temple], administrator in British India and a politician, about the latter's article about Local Self Government for India.

Three pages, 12mo, bifolium, minor defects not affecting text, last page laid down on sl. larger card. I have read with great interest your Article in the Contemporary Review on Local Self Government in India, and I cannot help troubling you with a few lines to say how much gratified I am to...

E.B. Pusey [ Edward Bouverie Pusey (1800 – 1882), Churchman, one of the Promoters of the Oxford Movement ]

[ Pusey; Oxford Movement ] Thirteen (13) Pamphlets and Leaflets by or relating to Pusey and the Oxford Movement.

All in good condition, with occasional foxing and staining.1. [To Mr. Vice-Chancellor] Two pages, bifolium (second leaf blank), cr. 8vo, petition asking for Pusey to have a hearing. Multiple Signatories include H. Cary, Newman, Mark Pattison. List of signatories concludes with date, Oxford June...

Count d'Orsay [Alfred Guillaume Gabriel Grimod d'Orsay, comte d'Orsay (1801–1852), French amateur artist, dandy, and man of fashion.]

[Count d'Orsay] Autograph Note Signed d'Orsay, in French, to [Charritie?], brief, about dinner engagement with politenesses..

One page, trimmed, 11 x 12cm, glue stains on verson (blank), right edge sl. roughened. Je suis charme de diner avec vous Jeudi le 8 - Presentez mes hommages a Madame et croyez toujours a mon ancienne amitie.

Captain Piers Thursby of the 9th Lancers:

[ Indian Mutiny, unpublished letters ] The Indian Mutiny Letters of 'a Delhi spearman', 1857 to 1859: ' the pleasure it gives you in killing these brutes'

A. BACKGROUNDAt his death in 1904 Piers Thursby, Esq., of Broadwell, Gloucestershire, was a respectable member of the local gentry, the brother of a baronet, a Justice of the Peace, active with his wife in church affairs, and taking a benevolent interest in the welfare of local children and the...

[Daphne Charlton, lover of Stanley Spencer, Artist]

[ Daphne Charlton (Stanley Spencer)] A Miscellany of Material from the Archive of Daphne Charlton, Lover of Stanley Spencer and Artist. Diaries. sketches, letters, etc.

1. Autograph Note Signed Shirin Spencer, daughter of Stanley, to Daphne, 23 June 1961, in envelope:Unity [sister] and I were both so sorry to hear that you had lost your father in such a sad way. We send you our love and sympathy.; 2. Two Typed Letters Signed Andrew Boyle, sometime BBC producer...

£1,500.00 Daphne
Maurice Stewart Collis (1889 – 1973), biographer of Stanley Spencer, sometime administrator in Burma, a writer on Southeast Asia, China and other hi

[ Maurice Collis, biographer of Stanley Spencer (pub.1962) ] Seven Autograph Letters Signed and one Typed LS Maurice Collis to Daphne [Charlton], lover of Stanley Spencer, and model), revealing their discussions of Spencer for his biography.

Seven ALSs, one TLS, 18 pages, 12mo, very good condition. [1. 8 July 1960] arranging lunch in a restaurant where they'll be able to talk; [2. 13 July 1960] He thanks her for the valuable & interesting information about Stanley yesterday. Your talk gave me a greater insight into his character...

C.R. Leslie [Charles Robert Leslie RA (1794 – 1859), genre painter]

[C.R.Leslie, painter] Autograph Letter Signed CR Leslie to [Mr Gardiner? Collector?] inviting Gardiner's wife presumably to visit to learn about models, etc.

Three pages, 12mo, bifolium, good condition, docketed on p.[4] 1852 | C R Leslie RA. He extends an invitiation for Mrs Gardiner to visit before two oclock when he will with pleasure give her such information and assistance as I can respecting models. He continues with insights into his own works...

Anne Stevenson (1933 – 2020), American-British poet.

[ Anne Stevenson, poet] Typed Note Signed Anne Stevenson to Miss Cond [Eileen Cond, autograph collector] responding to a complimentary letter.

One page, cr.8vo, very good condition. She has only just found Cond's letter on her return from abroad. I am so glad you enjoyed 'A Relative Stranger' and have much pleasure in returning your bookplate [presumably signed]. I do appreciate the trouble you took to write to me. It is always very...

M. L. Woods [Margaret Louisa Woods, née Bradley (1855 – 1945), writer, known for novels and poetry. ]

[Margaret L. Woods, author] Autograph Note Signed M.L. Woods to Mr [Douglas?] Sladen asking for information.

One page, 8vo, prominent fold mark but ow good. Would you mind giving me some details about Captain Christmas' work. I think it would be better for me to be able to speak of it with more knowledge than I have at present, when I mention it to my niece. I was so glad to see you again & to meet...

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