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W.H. Russell

Statements of Account (x 2), signed.

Irish war correspondent amd miscellaneous writer (1820-1907). 2pp., 8vo. One signed twice by Russell, the other initialled. The statement gives details of three articles contributed to the Miscellany, including "The Lewis - What is it?".

W.H. Russell.

Autograph Letter Signed to "Spencer"

Irish war correspondent. 2pp., 8vo. He produces some badinage about an invitation card, then comments on the situation in Egypt: "I wish the Powers - which they aren't by the by - had let our fat friend Ismail [Pasha] alone just tightening the bit a little & and then there would be none of...

Walter G.F. Phillimore

Autograph Letter Signed to unnamed correspondent

Judge, jurist, and ecclesiatical lawyer (1845-1929). 3pp., 12mo, giving thanks for valuable information, describing his researches ("Rimbault's book" and correspondence), alluding to cheque books which he has inspected and others he wishes to inspect. He anticipates calling and seeing his...

Walter Greenwood

Autograph Note Signed to "Mr Bramley"

Novelist, author of "Love on the Dole" (1903-1974). One page, 8vo. He says simply "Your letter was handed to me yesterday./ I hope these few words are what you want."

Leonard Huxley

Autograph Note Signed, one page, 4to, to D. Christie Tait

Biologist and poet (1860-1933). He accepts with pleasure the invitation to preside at the next Conway Memorial Lecture, and wonders when Tait would like a copy of his introductory remarks.

Lord Amelius Beauclerk,

Autograph Note Signed to "My dear B."

Admiral, 8vo. He hadn't the heart to wake him when he called but could send what he had offered.

Lord Burnham (Edward Levy-Lawson)

Autograph Letter Signed, 2pp., 8vo, to "Admiral" (Sir John Fisher)

Edward Levy-Lawson, Newspaper proprietor (1833-1916). He describes a variety of physical ailments to which he is prey but concludes that "My suffering has not diminished my belief in one popularly known as 'Jack Fisher'. . .". Burnham's relationship with Fisher is perhaps explained by his...

Lord Granville Somerset

Autograph Letter Signed, 4pp., 8vo, to "Mr Payne"

Statesman (1792-1848). He explains, as a Commissioner of Revenue and at length, why he cannot personally support someone's application for promotion in the Customs. He advises a direct application to the Board of Customs.

N.C. Tindal

Autograph Letter Signed to J.[L.] Adolphus, barrister and author, friend of Richard Heber

Chief Justice of Common Pleas (1776-1846). 2pp., 4to, expressing gratitude for his offer of help but feeling that his "friends are so very assiduous in the Committee Room" that it will be unnecessary. He would welcome his calling by if in the neighbourhood to answer enquiries and doubts.

Nassau Senior.

Note signed, third person, "Mr Senior" to "Mr Magrath"

Political economist. He asks him to look at the enclosed letter "if he thinks it a sufficient authority" and "put Dr Buckland's name under that of Mr Gould".

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