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Ann Thicknesse, nee Ford

Autograph Note Signed to "Mrs Sidny"(?)

Authoress and musician (1737-1824), wife of Philip Thicknesse (see DNB). 8vo, expressing thanks and gratitude at inordinate length. Her shaky handwriting is explained in a postscript ("I am so nervous I can scarcely hold my pen").

Baron Bunsen,

Autograph Note Signed to "Mr MacGeady"

Prussian ambassador. One page, 8vo. He announces his arrival (in Italy), gives informnation about his post and what he wants done with it.

Bernard Partridge

Autograph Postcard Signed to E.A. Carr

Caricaturist (1861-1945). He declines taking up a suggestion since he is "no longer doing that kind of illustration for 'Punch'".

Bolton King

2 Autograph Letters Signed, total 10pp., 8vo, to C.H. Grinling, socialist and reformer

Social reformer and historian, educationalist (1860-1937). (1886). He brings Grinling up to date on his activities, educational and political, giving his views on clerical reform. (n.y.) He describes his life in country retirement. With: newspaper clipping, "Times" obituary. 3 items,

Bonamy Price

Autograph Letter Signed, 4pp., 8vo, to [Sir Frederick Young?]

Political economist (1807-1888). Price appears to be responding to a work of Young's (probably " Imperial Federation of Great Britain and her Colonies. In letters edited by F. Y., (London, 1876)". He admires Young's enthusiasm but cannot himself "go into a definite Federated scheme as <?...

C.E. Hare

The Language of Field Sports

Pp.xvi.276, v.g. in worn dw.

C.H. Read

Autograph Letter Signed to Fagan.

Antiquarian and art connoisseur (1857-1929). 3pp., 8vo. He wishes to clarify the view he and his colleagues at the British Museum are taking on "the Thompson memorial", ignoring it since it is a British Academy matter not British Museum.

C.M. Ingleby

Autograph Letter Signed to "Allen"

Shakespearian critic and author (1823-1886). 2pp., 8vo. He declines an invitation from the Lord Mayor of London on the grounds of ill health, and announces that he is off to Holkham Hall to visit the Napiers. "We must have a special no of the Reporter for reports of all the speeches". He would...

C.W. Eborall

Autograph Note Signed to Seymour Teulon

Sometime Gen Manager of the S.E. Railway Co. (1820-1874). One page, 4to, saying that the Queen will meet the Prince [Albert} but wishes "particularly" that the Prince should not know until his arrival (much of this heavily underlined).

Charles, Earl Whitworth

One Autograph Letter, third person and one Autograph Letter Signed, to Dr Mahon and T. Phillips (portrait painter)

Diplomat and Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland (1752-1825). 2 & 4pp., 8vo. (1820) He expresses gratitude for Mahon's part in getting him membership of the Society of Antiquaries, and discusses his future resolves in its regard. (1822) He renews a request for a portrait of Sir Walter Scott to hang...

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