Autograph letter signed to "Miss Hewitt".

Georgiana Fullerton.
Publication details: 
Slindon Cottage, 8 Sept. [1860?].

Novelist and philanthropist (1812-1885). Two pages, 12mo, good condition. She has heard that some children in the village have "Hooping [sic] cough". "Edmund and the Baley" have not had it, but she thinks there would be no danger in their coming to Slindon.

Autograph letter signed to unnamed correspondent.

Anna Maria Hall (Mrs S.C. Hall).
Publication details: 
Old Brompton, 15 Feb. 1848.

Miscellaneous writer (1800-1881). 3pp., 12mo, good condition. She thanks him for some verses which she thought "amonst the sweetest, the most touching I ever had." Then she tries to enlist his help for a bazaar to be held to contribute to a fund for the erection of an Asylum for Aged Governesses. "If you would take charge of it, I would forward you a silver collecting card, . . . or if you could set any of your lady friends to work for it . . .".

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