[Fred Walker & Thackeray] Album of work by Frederick Walker, Social realist painter and illustrator, described by Sir John Everett Millais as "the greatest artist of the century" (Wiki).

[J.G. Marks, prob.] Frederick Walker; W.M. Thackeray
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The volume contains proofs of Walker's contributions to various periodicals, with other items by Walker. WITH letters/text/drawings (details below) by Thackeray relating to his The Adventures of Philip (Cornhill Magazine, 1861-2, serial), with relevant proofs.Marks states in his introductory comment to his "List of Illustrations" that "Those [illustrations] against which no owner's name appears have been supplied by the author." On that basis, several illustrations in this album belong to Marks's own collection (eg. "Drawing by Thackeray (A Quarrel)" and "Letter from Thackeray", designs for Moray Minstrels "Invitation Cards"), suggesting that this Album contains Mark's own collection, annotated by him with title and other information. And further that he wrote the text giving information about most of the items in the album. I've found no other manuscript material by Marks so am unable to confirm it's his hand.Medium folio+ (19 x 15ins.), vellum decorated by simple gold lines, stained and marked but impressive, marbled endpapers, contents mainly good condition32 leaves used, recto only, except 18 & 20 verso (some Thackeray material added), paginated by Walker, rest blank except leaf (35) recto (two photographs of Halsway Manor - see Life and Letters, 145-167).Total 144 images, comprising 125 proof engravings, 5 items manuscript material by Thackeray, 9 photographs of paintings/engravings by Walker, 3 designs for the Moray Minstrels; 2 photographs of Halsway.The proofs comprise contributions to Once A Week, the Cornhill Magazine, and Good Words, date range 1860-1871.Range of sizes from c.8 x 9cm to c.23 x 17.5cm. Proofs standard size, variable, c.15 x 12cm., including margin.116 (of 144) items have manuscript sub-titles. Most are probably in J.G. Marks's hand, but some may be in Walker's. The title, periodical and date of publication are usual but occasionally more information is added. For example, dimensions (possibly in Walker's hand); Walker's "First drawing in OAW [Once a Week]"; "Water colour for Dalziel's"; "Oil exhibited R.A."; "an unfinished water colour of this is in the Print Room British Museum"; "WC [water colour] at Woolstone"; etc.Detail of Thackeray material:a. Pen and ink sketch, p.18v, "For Mr Walker" with suggestion for "A Quarrel" (The Adventures of Philip), some text in Thackeray's hand, 12.5 x 15cm, reproduced in Marks, p.22 (with Walker's published version on opposite page). Illustration for October 1861. Discussed by Marks, p.24.b. Pen and ink sketch, with substantial descriptive text from The Adventures of Philip in Thackeray's hand, p.20v, bifolium, 22.5 x 18cm, "Philip has received a letter offering him a place of newspaper correspondent at 200l a year", sketch of Philip and Charlotte looking at the letter with children in the background. Discussed by Marks, p.24.c. Pen and ink sketch of a cheeky chappie with cigar, p.20v also, 11 x 18cm, conceivably a suggestion for the "old gentleman" in d. (below). Not mentioned by Marks in biography.d. Pen and ink sketch, p.20v also, 11 x 17.5, introduced by Thackeray, "Dear Mr Walker Will this do, with text from Philip, "Old Gentleman in thick shoes scratching a pig's back […] Philip disgusted. Background trees, cottages, villas, Hampstead Heath." Walker's interpretation published as "Mugford's favourite" in April 1862 (Album, p.21). Discussed by Marks, p.24.e. Autograph Letter Signed "WMT." To Walker, one page, 12mo, "relating to the beautiful drawing of Philip in Church; which under the title Thanksgiving ended the series in August, 1862." (Marks, p.24). Marks reproduces the whole letter on p.25.The collection contains proofs of the illustrations to The Adventures of Philip for May, June, Sept.-Dec. 1861, Jan.-Aug.1861. Also the proofs for illustrations to the unfinished Thackeray, Denis Duval, March-June 1864 (and an initial). It also contains proofs of illustrations to Mrs Henry Wood's Oswald Cray and novels by Miss Thackeray (Anne Ritchie). Marks gives an idea of how many illustrations by Walker appeared in Once a Week, Good Words, and the Cornhill, but, given that some in the album have no added information, it's not possible to say, without a scholar's assiduity, whether it contains all. It does at least appear that all the illustrations to OAW are represented, reflecting the range given by Marks (Feb 1860-Sept.1863, one in Jan. 1866).