[ Queen Victoria; Major Wellesley Paget, R.H.A . ] Invitation to The Coronation of Her Most Sacred Majesty [Victoria].

[ Queen Victoria; Major Wellesley Paget, R.H.A . ]
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[ Westminster Abbey, Thursday, 28 June 1838 ]
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Admission 'ticket', orange, c.22 x 16cm, part printed part MS, tipped on to sl. larger piece of paper, edges darkened (dust?) mainly good to very good. Admit into Westminster Abbey. | South Door Poets Corner | No. 85 | Norfolk Earl Marshal. Probably issued to Major Wellesley Paget of the Royal Horse Artillery (served in the Boer War and First WW) since it derives from an Album put together by him. SEE IMAGE.~500~PRINTED EPHEMERA ADMISSION QUEEN VICTORIA CORONATION~ ~0~Royalty Eph (Chris)~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 22998~16/04/2020~False~General Lord Strathnewen [ Field Marshal Hugh Henry Rose, 1st Baron Strathnairn (1801–1885), Army officer, later becoming Commander Bombay Army, Commander-in-C., India and then C.-in-C.Ireland ].~[ Sir Hugh Rose; hero of Lucknow ] Autograph Letter Signed Strathnairn to Bernard [?] presumably discussing the statement [his correspondent] made in Parliament ].~[Embossed address] 52 Berkeley Square, W., Saturday, [9]th August [1884?].~Three pages, 12mo, bifolium, stained, large hand, but the hand of a very old man and only just about readable in parts, scratchy and with ink blotches, commencing The Statement you had made in Parliament of which I have read some, and heard [underlined] of respecting Mr Gladstone's good feeling for [...]. The rest can only be read (by me) in part.~50~AUTOGRAPH MANUSCRIPT LUCKNOW INDIAN MUTINY IRELAND OTTOMAN EMPIRE~ ~0~OL59~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 23000~16/04/2020~False~George Nathaniel Curzon, 1st Marquess Curzon of Kedleston (1859 – 1925), Statesman, sometime Viceroy of India.~[ Curzon of Kedleston ] Autograph Note Signed Curzon to an unnamed correspondent, about membership of the Abergavenny Habitation of the Primrose League.~[Embossed insignia of the House of Commons], 31 March 1886~One page, 12mo, black-bordered, bifolium, staining (from soaking away from album leaf) I shall be very glad to allow my name to be proposed as a member of the Abergavenny Habitation of the Primrose League.~40~AUTOGRAPH MANUSCRIPT VICEROY INDIA MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT~ ~0~OL59~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 22999~16/04/2020~False~Sir John Herschel [Sir John Frederick William Herschel] (1792-1871), astronomer, inventor and polymath.~[Sir John Herschel, astronomer, inventor and polymath.] Autograph Signature ('J. F. W. Herschel') with date.~11 June 1852. No place.~Bold Signature on the verso of the calling card of the Revd Sir Thomas Cullum (name printed on recto), c.7.5 x 3.5cm, residue of having been tipped in album on one edge, good condition, lightly aged. A good large firm signature, with the date beneath, the attractive arrangement written in response to a request for an autograph. Sir Thomas Cullum has written on the recto (around his printed name) Sir J. Herchell [sic] gave me his signature on the other side when he showed me over the Mint with [ ...?] | Mauriggy Hotel | 1 Regent St.~45~MANUSCRIPT AUTOGRAPH SIR JOHN FREDERICK WILLIAM HERSCHEL ASTRONOMY ASTRONOMER POLYMATH SCIENCE SCIENTIFIC INVENTION INVENTOR NINETEENTH CENTURY VICTORIAN MATHEMATICS~ ~0~Shared file 39~ ~ ~0~ ~ 23001~16/04/2020~False~William Howley, Archbishop of Canterbury.~[ William Howley, Archbishop of Canterbury ] Autograph Letter Signed W Cantuar to an unnamed correspondent about the enlargement of a Church to accommodate greater attendance.~Lambeth, 17 April 1834.~Three pages, 8vo, bifolium, fold marks (for post), good condition. The enlargement of your Church as to give accommodation to all the Parishioners is most desirable. In order to accomplish so beneficial a measure without raising an opposition which may defeat the object, the general consent of the Parishioners should be [previously?] obtained, and then, if the means are sufficient there will be no difficulty. The Society I think will certainly give you some assistance. | I sincerely congratulate you on the increased attendance at Church, and the success of the Sunday Schools. | You will be almost sure of finding me at home by calling here about eleven o'clock in the morning.~45~AUTOGRAPH MANUSCRIPT CHURCH OF ENGLAND ARCHBISHOP CANTERBURY~ ~0~OL59~ ~ ~ ~ ~