[ Indian Mutiny; Hodson's Horse ] Notebook-cum-Sketchbook containing MS material relating to the Indian Mutiny

[ Indian Mutiny; Hodson's Horse ] [ Susan A. Hodson, wife of William Stephen Raikes Hodson of Hodson's Horse, compiler ]
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Inscription: Susan A. Hodson | The Priory | Simla | Souvenir of 1857, presumably in her hand.
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Notebook-cum-Sketchbook, 4to, 19.5 x 16cm, soft leather gt, sl. worn at edges, marbled end-papers, mainly good to very good condition. Forty of the pages have drawings, letters, MSS material, a photograph, autograph signatures etc, others blank. a. Inscription as aboveb. Pencil sketch of Hodson, mounted, leading prisoners (?), full page, captioned on second page, Hodson returning from ye Slaughter of ye Pandies | His trusty Sword he had girded on | The knaves he strung behind him. Two pagesc. See images. News Letters from Delhi during the Siege (in Mrs Hodson's hand prob.), messages of spies, closely written in what I'm told is old Urdu, for the British set in the page so that both sides of the page are present, captioned by Mrs Hodson as follows: i. Carried rolled up in [?] in a hollow tooth, 6 x 3.5cm; ii. Rolled up in the [Hossid's?] hair, 13 x 4cm; iii. In the lining of the [Shoe?], 13 x 4cm. Added note by Mrs Hodson prob., Translation over leaf (see d.). Two pages.d. Pp.7, tipped in, A. Literal translation | A letter of news from Toorab Ali at Delhi - 3 August 1857, 4pp., 8vo, secretarial (or translator's) text but SIGNED W.S.A. Hodson with rank. AND B. A letter of news from Toorab Ali at Delhi - 5t Augt 1857, 4pp., 8vo, secretarial text (or translators) also SIGNED by Hodson. Apparently first-class detailed intelligence concerning the affairs of the rebels. Contents:A. Number of deaths of the rebels, the state of the rebel army, the vexation of the King with the army (he threatens to become a Fakeer [hermit]), rebels spreading false rumours to stimulate rebellion in the Punjab, suggestion for a gun emplacement outside Delhi, statistics of deaths and contents of magazines, up-to-date information about the Moojahadeen [Shazees] Mohammedan fanatics who fight for religion and who the rebel troops and natives of Delhie [sic] are commanded to do whatever these fanatics may direct, etc.B. Rebel officers review troops, King's words read out saying they are fighting for their religion and those who are unwilling to fight should leave Delhi, the rebels' plan hampered by their stores of magazine wet and spoiled by the rain, money exacted by rebels from the Punjaubee Merchants who, not paying, were put into confinement; report that a leader has poisoned himself and that the English have taken possession of Benares, Allahabad, etc, the possibility of Ghazees being Europeans in disguise to infiltrate, and having to prove themselves in battle before admission, I myself heard on the parade ground, the Sikhs saying that they were unwilling to fight any longer.Note: Toorab Ali [Turab] features in Syed Mahdi Husain's Bahadur Shah Zafar and the War of 1857 in Delhi (Delhi, 2015), p.255ff.e. Photograph (daguerreotype?), 10 x 13cm, headed in Mrs Hodson's hand, Portrait of Colonel Congreve | Quarter Master General H.M. Forces, and below Found in the ruins of a house in the Chandni Chowk Delhi - | Sepr/57.f. Caption for a Letter on the next leaf: Specimen of the Correspondence addressed to the Commissioners & Superintendent Hill States in 1857.g. Two ALSs on consecutive leaves from a Mary Lincoln to Lord W. Hay, Superintendent of Hill States Simla, 4pp., text faint but apparently concerning a man who she thought was imprisoned being seen (pardoned?).h. Photograph (daguerreotype?), 14 x 15cm, captioned by Mrs Hodson, Mr. Thomason | Lieut. Governor N.W.P. Agra.i. Pen and ink sketch of Ye Cow-| House, 18 x 12cm.j. A spectacular oval painting, 17x13cm extremities, The Cantonment & 3rd European Barracks at Agra - looking West from the top of the Delhi Gate in the Fort on the night of the 5th & 6th July 1857 | RCWM [presumably artist]. Delhi forms dark foreground, while fires rage ahead.k. Pencil sketch, c.19 x 16cm, captioned Near Agra on the Gwalior road AND Old Tomb on Battle Field 6 Oct 1857.l. Pen and ink sketch, 10 x 13cm, captioned Kashmiri Merchant & Cooly | [?] Bahut achchha mantela, Shib - [??] or something like that.m. Pen and ink sketch, 11 x 14cm, captioned Pahari Cooli.n. Sketch, coloured, 18 x 11cm, entitled A Jampan [Sedan chair with bearers], and captioned Ye low-backed Car of ye Himalayaso. Sketch, coloured of Indian with stick climbing, 13 x 11cm, captioned Ye Aqueduct of Hindustan.p. Sketch, coloured, 4 x 4cm, head and shoulders of soldier in uniform (with helmet), captioned Ye Sepoy of Madras,q. Sketch, coloured, 12 x 9cm, captioned An Indian 'lady's maid'.r. Sketch, coloured, 13 x 17cm, building in wooded grounds, signed in corner RCWM, captioned Umbala[?]s. Sevenpages of clipped signatures of soldiers and administrators involved in the Mutiny, total 20, several illegible without a lot of work. With captions (in Mrs Hodson's hand probably), one page headed Martyrs including Henry Lawrence's signature, the next page headed Heroes (Quintin Battye, Robert Lyell and two others, Stanley on a page by itself, next two pages captioned Punjab Notorieties | Good, Bad, and Indifferent. Apparent;y minor figures, Commissioners and the like. See image. One has an illegible signatures (prob.) but below a series of five hangman cartoons, captioned by Myrs Hodson, State of feeling & style of Art at Simla 1858.t. Sketch, coloured, 14 x 11cm, of woman in ballgown with long red hair, captioned Ye sunflower of Simla.u. (Finally) Pencil sketch, full page, sideview of a head and shoulders captioned The Bugbear of Simla