[ Adolphe Abrahams; medic ] Autograph Letter Signed Adolphe Abrahams to Walter James MacQueen-Pope (Popie), theatre historian.

Adolphe Abrahams [Sir Adolphe Abrahams (1883–1967), medical doctor, considered to be the founder of British sports science, brother of Harold Abrahams.]
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[Printed heading] Sir Adolphe Abrahams, 97 Harley Street, W/1., 14 Nov. 1959.
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Two pages, obl.12mo, good condition, small neat hand. Text: Your recent sympathetic reference to Leslie Stuart encourages me once more to be reminiscent - nostalgically. | I claim to know all he wrote - a bold assertion this, considering his output. I wonder how many know that an early song, perhaps his first, and quite different from all others was the comic 'The dandy-coloured coon' [quotes the name sequence from the song] | Sweetheart May - was an early one in my opinion (Vesta Tilley sang this). Then Little Dolly Daydream, Soldiers of the Queen - perhaps about 1895. By this time he was well established. I have been told that he wrote this as a skit [underlined] on Jingoism, not a patriotic song, which I find difficult to believe. | What happened to him? I presume a financial debacle [...] He speculates on possible reasons (the loss of standardisation; failure to realise probable revolutionary changes in public taste). And at the end I suppose he was glad to pick up a few pounds playing his songs on the piano. I know he perpetually inveighed against 'pirated music' but that could hardly have made all the difference financially. He concludes by making critical remarks about modern cacophony and jumping about like lunatics. Note: Leslie Stuart born Thomas Augustine Barrett was an English composer of Edwardian musical comedy, best known for the hit show Florodora and many popular songs. He began in Manchester as a church organist, for 14 years, and taught music while beginning to compose church music and secular songs in the late 1870s. [Google].~220~AUTOGRAPH MANUSCRIPT MUSIC HALL MUSICAL EDWARDIAN JEWISH HAROLD ABRAHAMS OLYMPIC LESLIE STUART~ ~0~SF41~ ~ ~ ~ ~