Letter to 'The Rt. Hon Thos Shaw, M.P. | Minister For War | House of Jews Spittoons | (alias Commons) | Westminster | London'.

'William Stuart alias William Styles Gent.' [Judaica; Jews; antisemitism; Newcastle]
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20 December 1929; 2 Middle Street, North Shields [Tyne and Wear].
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Shaw (1872-1938) was Secretary of State for War in Ramsay Macdonald's Labour administration. Twenty pages, quarto. Paginated by author. On one side each of twenty leaves of high-acidity paper, discoloured with age and fraying at extremities. Text entirely legible, but with some loss at head of each leaf and particular damage to the final one (affecting signature). A singular psychological case: the astounding rantings of a lunatic, replete with underlinings, capital letters and exclamation marks. As Shaw's 'utterances in the House of Jews Spittoons the other day' have shown him to be a 'straighforward man', Styles/Stuart asks him to 'make enquiries first, and then to tell me whether these disclosures seem to you to be due to my own imagination, or to Divine Revelation!' 'During the last eleven years, I have made diligent enquiries of the Archbishop of Canterbury ((Past & Present)) The Kings Chaplain. The Home Secretary ((Jix)) The Rt Hon Stanley Baldwin M.P. Mrs Baldwin. The Rt Hon Whoremonger Ramsay MacDonald, M.P. Miss Ishbel MacDonald, New Scotland Yard, etc. [...] If true, it should be of use to the Minister Of War, as it reveals A Secret Plot against the State! And it helps to identify the Traitors! | The information was given to me by various means! Such as visions, etc. Supernatural means! '. According to Styles/Stuart the trouble started when the Elders of Zion, 'by means of Agents ((Spittoons)), forced King John to sign Magna Charter! [...] The Late Lord Kitchener, when Minister For War, could SMELL them! But not identify them! [...] They Stole some people's inventions, and claimed to be the Inventors, and, no doubt, claimed the Awards! [...] I see by the Newcastle Evening World, that there is a Mr. Roberts who is seeking your assistance, in respect to his inventions! (Also included is a cutting from the 'Evening World', 17 December 1929, headed 'NEWCASTLE INVENTOR'S £250,000 WAR CLAIM'.) Styles/Stuart claims to be the inventor of 'the Mine Guard that was fitted to the stem of Mine-sweepers and Trawlers!', 'A Filling For Anti-Zeppelin Shells!' and 'A Silent Incendiary Bomb'. 'There are 333 Jews Spittoons in the House of Commons! | And 333 Jews Spittoons in the House of Lords | The 666 Jews Spittoons at Westminster form the number of the beast six hundred threescore and six of Rev. XIII. 18. | [...] Among the 333 Jews Spittoons in the House of Lords, there are 52 Murderers! | [...] There are now 63 women in the Peerage who were married to members of the House of Lords as a Reward for the Murders they have committed on behalf of the Elders of Zion!' [...] In Feb 1927 God arranged A Spiritual Rehearsal of things to come, for my guidance, in fulfilment of St John XVI. 13. | Much was revealed to me at that Rehearsal! | Among the many wonderful things I saw, was a Screen like a Cinema Screen! | I saw several Scenes or Pictures on that screen! | I saw H M George V seducing a girl of less than sixteen years of age! | H.M. George & a child debaucher! | [...] I saw H.M. Queen Mary in bed with a coloured servant at one of Her Majesty's country places! | H.M. Queen Mary a black man's mistress! | [...] I saw H.R.H. The Prince of Wales, seducing a Cow on His ranch in Canada! | H.R.H. should try to be a man, not an animal! | [...] I also saw H.R.H. Princess Mary Viscountess Lascelles allowing a Dog to seduce Her! | H.R.H. Princess Mary a dog's whore! | [...] I also saw Viscount Lascelles and others among the Dilly-Boys of London! | Lascelles should keep to his wife! | [...] I also saw The Rt Hon Stanley Baldwin. M.P. seducing a Sow in a sty! | Baldwin should keep away from pigs if he can not withstand temptation! | [...] I also saw, ((and hence the name)) The Rt Hon Whoremonger Ramsay MacDonald M P. In bed with My Missing Wife, Annie Styles! | [...] She left her eight children and I in Sep 1917 because I was continually compelled to complain about her, and the beds, and the children being lousy! | My home was a midden!' Mention also of 'The Jews Plot To Ruin England's Financiers!' and that 'Their Majesties have attended a disgusting entertainment where a poor woman was seduced by A Shorthorn Bull for their pleasure! | The poor woman was crippled for life! | [...] She was afterwards Murdered ((Strangled)) by a person known to my wife, whose proper name is Arthur Hill!' One woman 'SEDUCED WITH A RED HOT POKER', etc. Signed 'William Stuart | Alias | William Styles Gent.'