[Subject: Napoleonic Relics] Correspondence relating to various articles belonging to Napoleon Bonaparte comprising ALS from 'J Thompson of Manchester to John Crossley of Scaitcliffe Hall, with a provenance possibly in Crossley's hand.~[Autograph Letter

[Subject: Napoleonic Relics] John Thompson, Manchester Dealer[?]
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Six pages, total, tipped onto a folio album leaf detached from album, numbered 235, with following description: "Correspondence relating to various articles belonging to Napoleon Bonaparte. Original Documents [NOT PRESENT] with translations. | vide 305 [another album page presumably] for Napoleon's razor | vide 237 for Napoleon's shirt. | vide 39 for the Abdication medal."  A. Autograph Letter Signed "J Thompson", one page, 4to, minor losses of text. "I have by 'chance' met with a few rare articles described on the other side[.T]here can be no doubt of their being genuine or I would not take the trouble of introducing them to your notice but think they will be a rare addition to your valuable & numerous collection [I write?][word lost] persons want them but I have obtained the preference & wait upon your answer by return of post. £15.15 is the price asked for the whole, but I think I can by taking the whole [phrase underlined] get them for less money: Should you be here on Saturday, I can procure you the inspection of them, if not and I have your instructing I will do the best in my power for you. [PS] I really would not if I had a collection like yours miss those for £20"; B. Provenance in unknown hand, 2pp., 4to. "Articles belonging to the later Emperor Napoleon [NONE PRESENT] and given by the Grand Marshal of the Palace, Count Bertrand, to M. Charvet, Keeper of the Wardrobe[,] on the occasion of Napoleon's abdication at Fontainebleau, properly authenticated by Official Documents: which documents accompany the present Articles, consisting of thirteen Manuscript Letters &c. belonging to M. Charvet: his nomination to the situation of Keeper of the Wardrobe ; nine notes to him from the Duke De [Friard?]: one from the Count de Turenne, his successor, inviting M.C. [Charvet] to come to Fontainebleay, also | Two passports of Prince Schwarzenberg & Prince Metternich for the Isle of Elba  - to which is also added the Instrument of Sale by M. Charvet to Dr Dubays [Dubois presumably] with the legalization of the different [underlined] & including a List of them. | Turn over. | This Collection consists of the following Articles. | One Razor with Mother of Pearl handle and gold mounted shield. This is one of Four, which were all used by the Emperor, who shaved himself daily. | One fine Holland Shirt No. 25 marked with the Letter N. and the Imperial Crown. | One, the Abdication Medal very fine & rare, in Bronze. | Thirteen Manuscript Letters with [?] of Sale & Act of Sale."; C. Copy note from Crossley toThompson, 17 x 11cm, 10 Aug. 1822, saying he'll try to get over to Manchester on the following Tuesday to view "the articles in question". See my catalogue entry for Thomas Hampson of Rochdale: "Crossley, the commanding officer of the Oldham Regiment of Local Militia, built up a notable collection of military memorabilia, which was dispersed after his death."