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Ernest Elton (fl. 1900-1922), New York actor [ William Shakespeare; University of Vermont; Syracuse University ]

[ Ernest Elton, New York actor. ] Prompt copies with manuscript additions from his directing of the women students of the University of Vermont in the Shakespeare plays 'Romeo and Juliet', 'Much Ado about Nothing', 'Twelfth Night', 'As you like It'.

The four items present here are the prompt books for performances of Shakespeare plays by the 'Young Ladies of the University of Vermont', under the direction of New York actor Ernest Elton. BACKGROUND: Professor George B. Bryan, in a 'History of Theatre at the University of Vermont' writes that...

Flora of Switzerland [ Albrecht von Halle (1708-1777), Abraham Gagnebin (1707-1800) and Johann Rudolf Suter (1766-1827), Swiss naturalists and botanists ]

[ Swiss Flora; Alpines ] Swiss botany in the Enllghtenment period: an anonymous manuscript Flora of Switzerland in Latin, with observational notes in French and German.

The present item is a product of the marked growth of interest in botany in general and the flora of Switzerland in particular exhibited during the Enlightenment, and exemplified by Jean-Jacques Rousseau's celebrated 'Lettres élémentaires sur la botanique'. Alexandra Cook's 'Jean-Jacques...

Natural History £2,000.00 Swiss Flora 1
George Dyer (1755-1841), poet and radical, leading English Jacobin, in circle of Wordsworth, Coleridge, Godwin, Lamb; David Steuart Erskine, 11th Earl of Buchan (1742-1829), Scottish antiquarian

[George Dyer, poet and English Jacobin, writes to the Earl of Buchan following a visit to his seat, Dryburgh Abbey, Berwickshire.] Substantial Autograph Letter Signed ('G Dyer'), discussing the preparation of his volume of poems and other topics.

3pp., 4to. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged, with thin stub from mount neatly adhering. A long, closely written letter of 116 lines, including eight-line postscript at head of first page. Addressed by Dyer on reverse of second leaf: 'To Lord Buchan | Dryburgh Abbey | Berwickshire |...

Sir Robert Peel (1788-1850), Tory Prime Minister and creator of the Metropolitan Police ('Peelers') [Metropolitan Lunacy Commission; 1828 Madhouse Act]

[Sir Robert Peel, Prime Minister, as Home Secretary.] Autograph List of appointments by him of Lunacy Commissioners (following on from the 1828 Madhouse Act), with Autograph Note by him on the matter.

In August 1828, following the passing of the 1828 Madhouse Act, the Home Secretary Sir Robert Peel established a commission to oversee London's madhouses, consisting of five physicians, six Middlesex JPs, and ten other honorary (i.e. unpaid) commissioners. The present document by Peel casts...

Sir Andrew Halliday (1782-1839), Scottish physician to William IV [Lord Melbourne [William Lamb I1779-1848), 2nd Viscount Melbourne], Prime Minister]

[Sir Andrew Halliday, physician to William IV.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Andrew Halliday -') to Prime Minister Lord Melbourne, offering to 'sacrifice' his 'emoluments' and become inspector of 'all the public and Private Asylums in England and Wales

7pp, 4to. Containing 112 lines of text on two bifoliums. In good condition, lightly aged. Folded three times. Headed 'Private', and with the heading, date and place written by Halliday at a different time from the rest of the text. A long and impassioned letter, in which Halliday offers to...

[ Stanley Spencer ] Daphne Charlton, artist and woman in Stanley Spencer's Life.

[ Stanley Spencer ] Manuscript (Holograph) entitled Stanley Spencer.

14 pages, 4to, large handwriting (lower case letters 5mm), punch-holes, two of four damaged. The manuscript has elisions, substitutions and additions by the author, indicating a lot of thinking, perhaps a desire to use a long word rather than a short. She attempts to analyse Spencer's (artistic...

Art and Architecture £2,000.00 Spencer
Joseph Conrad.

Signed Cheque ("J. Conrad") made out to Mrs Jessie Conrad.

Made out for £2, good condition. Countersigned on back "Jessie Conrad". Seven cheques were found by a fellow dealer in a book from Conrad's Library ("an 1830s book on Napoleon"), one of which he sold on eBay, the other six coming to me. I have consigned one to a colleague, and am offering out...

Literature £1,850.00
Ian Hamilton [ J. D. Salinger; William Heinemann Ltd, London publishers; Random House ]

[ Proof of the suppressed version of Ian Hamilton's biography, with fullest quotations from Salinger's letters. ] J. D. Salinger: A Writing Life.

The present item is a product of one of the most celebrated publishing controversies of the twentieth century. In 1982 the English critic and poet Ian Hamilton set out to write a biography of the legendarily-reclusive Salinger. The attempt, as The Times explained in Hamilton's obituary, 31...

J.H. Driberg, Lecturer in Anthropology at Cambridge University.

[Manuscript; satire; parody] W1, Some Customs and Institutions of the Inhabitants of Mayfair:

W1, Some Customs and Institutions of the Inhabitants of Mayfair:An unpublished 1930s parody of an anthropological study, with satirical force, of London's wealthiest district, by J. H. Driberg, Lecturer in Anthropology at Cambridge University.Unpublished manuscript parody by Jack Herbert Driberg...

Bowyer Nichols [John Bowyer Buchanan Nichols] (1859-1939), English artist and author [his aunt Emily Mary Nichols (nee Ade), wife of Robert Cradock Nichols, son of John Bowyer Nichols]

Eighteen Autograph Letters Signed from artist and poet Bowyer Nichols [John Bowyer Buchanan Nichols] to his aunt Emily Mary Nichols, daughter-in-law of John Bowyer Nichols, with dozens of sketches and caricatures in letters and on 27 pieces of paper.

All items in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. The letters total 33pp., 12mo; and 31pp, 16mo; with nine on 12mo bifoliums, seven on 16mo bifoliums and two on single 16mo leaves. Nine are on Southgate House letterheads, and two on Winchester College letterheads. All are complete except the...