THE PELICAN PRES: A small collection from the Papers of Walter Corrie, Sign and Glass Writer, formerly with Victoria House/Pelican Press

Francis Meynell; Stanley Morison; and later]
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[1918-1927 and Christmasses beyond]
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1.Of Printers' Flowers ("Contributed to the B. Franklin No. of the AMERICAN PRINTER", Pelican Press, 1922)2.[FOUR SPECIMEN PAGES] "IN THE FOUR SPECIMEN PAGES WE SHOW […]"3.New Year's Card (Pelican Press, 1923)4.[Programme] Victoria House & Pelican Press Annual Outing to Margate on Eleventh June MCMXXVII 5."A Christmas Greeting sent by Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Meadem and Family […] (Printed by A.H.M [Arthur Meaden, Works Manager] at the Pelican Press […]).6.Sundry Christmas Cards to Walter Corrie & Family, many sent by people (and families) listed on 5. (Programme for Outing), i.e. people in the Trade, working for Victoria House/ Pelican Press.