[W.E. Parry, arctic] Autograph Letter Signed "WE Parry" to "Mr. Melvill" [prob. James C. Melvill, Secretary, East India House]..

W.E. Parry, arctic explorer
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Haslar, Gosport, 29 March 1852.
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Three pages, 12mo, bifolium, fold marks, ow good condition. "I cannot refrain from expressing to you my feelings on perusing your adnirable letter to our friend Gurney House on the painful subject of the window - It appears to me a most complete & satsifactory explanation of the part which you & he have taken in this matter & a most triumphant refutation of what has been urged on the other side against you. I need not say how very deeply [phrase underlined] we sympathize with you both in the vexatious & uncalled for [phrase underlined] annoyance but you have been, & still are, subject on this account. The hand of Satan is, to my apprehension, most clearly visible in it; but I trust & believe that the simple truth will yet prevail. | Pray do me the kindness to show this to Gurney House [...]". Note: At this time Parry was captain-superintendent of Haslar Hospital.