[Nineteenth-century Belgian railway, the first in continental Europe.] Printed form carrying the signed manuscript service record ('État de services') of Marc-Antoine de Falligan, titled 'Administration des Chemins de Fer en exploitation'.

Marc-Antoine de Falligan (1816-1866) ['Administration des Chemins de Fer en Exploitation'; nineteenth-century Belgian railways; locomotives]
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With de Falligan's signature dated by him from Brussels, 5 December 1840. The document completed to his death on 10 October 1866.
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The form is 1p., landscape folio (43.5 x 33.5 cm.), printed on a piece of C. de Liagre et Cie laid paper with bell watermark. It is folded so as to make the central opening of a bifolium, with the following on the front cover: 'Administration des Chemins de Fer en Exploitation. | État de services de [Marc-Antoine de Falligan].' The form is divided into fourteen columns: Noms; Prénoms; Date de Naissance; Lieu de Naissance; Grade Actuel; Date de Nomination au Grade Actuel; Détail des Services Antérieurs au Grade Actuel; Marié ou Veuf; Nombe d'enfans; Date de Mariage; Célibataire; Résidence; Traitement Annuel; Observations. De Falligan has filled in all the columns once, signing and dating the document at the bottom; otherwise three columns (Grade Actuel; Date de Nomination au Grade Actuel; and Traitement Annuel) have been completed to de Falligan's death in another hand. De Falligan states that he was born in 1816 in Anvers; his first grade (19 August 1840) was as 'Dessinateur à l'essai' (his last being 'Commis-chef'). He describes himself as an 'Etudiant' earning '3 s par jour'. He is single, and staying in Brussels, 'chez M. C. Délin, son oncle, rue Ste. Anne, 25, pres du Gd. Sablon'.