Bookseller's Label

G. Dyer, Exeter Circulating Library owner and (aspirant) Bookseller.
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Library, Exeter, Sept. 4th, 1787.
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Label, irregular oval, dims.c/ 9 x 6cm, laid down on slightly larger (rectangular) piece of paper, glue showing through in patches, text clear and complete, "G. Dyer | Begs to acquaint hid Freiends | That he in tends, in future,to purchase | LIBRARIES and PARCELS of | BOOKS for SALE, and will be thankful | for their recommendation. | *** Books may also be exchanged. | Library, Exeter, Sept. 4th, 1787." BBTI lists a Gilbert Dyer, 1783-1820, as well as a G. Dyer, 1790 as owners of circulating libraries, and the former as a bookseller. Presumably the same chap.