[Thomas] Gardiner, bookseller, owner of circulating library, etc.
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19 [and 20] Princes Street, Cavendish-Square, London, [BBTI: 1797-1845]
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Bookplate, c.17 x 10cm, stained, three letters of address obscured by wear, otherwiswe text clear, mainly good condition. "GARDINER, | Bookseller [...] | and | Bookbinder [...address] Where books are lent to read | at | Twelve Shillings per year [...] || BOOKS BOUGHT, SOLD, OR EXCHANGED || ENGRAVING | and | Copper-plate and Letter-Press | Printing, [...] || New Books, Reviews, Magazines, Pamphlets, [P]lays, &c. | added as soon as published." Note: a Sarah Gardiner of 20 Princes Street exhibited at the RA in 1815.