[ Edwardian Silhouettes ]Album containing one hundred and nineteen original silhouettes on black paper, including twenty golfers and caddies. Also portraits, rural scenes, a Muslim skyline, a cancan dancer and other subjects.

One hundred and nineteen original silhouettes [Edwardian golf; golfers; golfing]
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Edwardian (one silhouette dated 1913). Album with ticket of 'A. Rawlings, Stationer, and Artists Colorman, 171, Friar Street, Reading.'
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All but three of the silhouettes are laid down on 23 pages of an album of 32 leaves (leaf dimensions 31 x 25 cm) bound in worn brown buckram, with attractive metallic cobweb endpapers. In very good condition. The three silhouettes not in the album are laid down on a loose piece of blue paper (22 x 27 cm) and consist of three full length portraits of infant girls. One of these is the largest silhouette in the collection at 14.5 x 7 cm. The smallest, less than a centimeter high by half a centimeter wide, is of a golfer taking a swing. A delightful collection, including portraits of 'J. M by The Doctor 1913', 'The Professor by The Sculptor', 'The Sculptor by The Professor', 'A Tasmanian Tracker', 'Pike Fishing', a cancan dancer, running dogs, rural scenes with cottages, windblown trees, a coastal scene, riders on horseback, a Muslim skyline, a child with a doll, sportsmen with hounds, a sprite, a bearded figure in a top hat pushing a baby in a small pram, grotestque profiles, six women processing in coronets and ballgowns preceded by a small dog, and a workman with a spade digging a hole while a tramp with umbrella and battered top hat looks on. One page containing five silhouettes is headed 'In the '. It features two profiles of women in hats, and a further three hats separately depicted. The golfers (in the usual outfit of plus-fours and flat caps) and caddies are caricatured in various positions: the golfers before, after and during shots, and the caddies struggling with bags of clubs. They include a series of eleven extremely small golfing silhouettes, the largest 2.5 x 1.5 cm, and including a lady golfer in the act of taking a swing.?>