Autograph letter signed to Miss Buchanan.

Elizabeth M. Sewell.
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Ashcliff, Bonchurch, I.W., 10 Dec. 1891.
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Religious and educational writer (1815-1906). Three pages, 8vo, good condition. She modestly thanks her correspondent for her letter and its contents. "God has been very good to me in granting His Blessing upon my efforts to be helpful by my writings . . . I am an old woman and my writing days are over, and I belong to a past generation." She is interested that her correspondent has "already known sorrow", although young, and warns that she should expect more. She hopes she learns that "God's ways are Ways of pleasantry and all His paths are Peace . . . Peace with which nothing external can long interfere." There is, she says, no happiness without Christianity. She prays for Christ's blessing on her.