[ Daniel Dunglas Home; 'Sludge the Medium' ] Substantial Autograph Letter Signed "D.D. Home"

D.D. Home [Daniel Dunglas Home (pronounced 'Hume') (1833–1886]), "Sludge the Medium", Scottish physical medium with the reported ability to levitate to a variety of heights,
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[ Printed heading ] Kilmorey House, Norwood [MS] near London, 13 November 1867.
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Three pages, 12mo, bifolium, first page a little grubby, last page (blank) stained, fold marks, mainly good condition. The central subject of this letter is the "suit" which he was fighting (see Note below - accused of "Undue influence" with a deed of gift of £30,000). He thanks his correspondent for a prospectus, adding, "You are doubtless aware that I have a most important suit in Chancery now pending. It is to be hoped that no compromise will be made for it will be a means of placing our good and true cause on a footing which hitherto it has not occupied. When the public find that such men as I have as witnesses will come forward and on their oath declare that a power beyond that of Earth is at work, and doing a glorious work in convincing those who have been without faith, and in bringing consolation to many a sorrowing heart they will then not judge us so harshly." He would like to visit Manchester but can't say when at the moment. He's going to Gloucester to do a Poetry reading, and then Birmingham, needing the "funds to carry on my suit" and "to show the world that I have done nothing to be ashamed of. I perfectly understand the desire [for all here?] to witness some decided manifestations, and nothing will give me more pleasure than to place myself quite at your disposal. I ever feel in this that I am doing God's and as you are aware I never take remuneration for this. May the great Father of angels and spirits guide you in your seekings for truth.[....]" Note: D.D. Home attracted the attention of Arthur Conan Doyle, Houdini, Faraday, Huxley, Darwin, and of course Robert Browning, inspired by him to write "Sludge the Medium". Note 2. Case in Chancery reported in The Law Times Reports vol.xviii., NS, -451ff (June 6, 1868), case commencing April 19, 1868, see Wikipedia: "In 1866, Mrs Jane Lyon, a wealthy widow, adopted Home as her son, giving him £60,000[56] in an attempt to gain introduction into high society. Finding that the adoption did not change her social situation, Lyon changed her mind, and brought a suit for the return of her money from Home on the grounds that it had been obtained by spiritual influence.[51] Under British law, the defendant bears the burden of proof in such a case, and proof was impossible since there was no physical evidence. The case was decided against Home,[57] Mrs Lyon's money was returned, and the press pilloried Home's reputation. Home's high society acquaintances thought that he behaved like a complete gentleman throughout the ordeal, and he did not lose a single important friend."