[ James Forbes; India ] Autograph Letter Signed "Jam Forbes" to [ Claudius Rich ], traveller and antiquarian (Babylon etc).

James Forbes (1749–1819), author of ‘Oriental Memoirs’ (seventeen years residence in India); father-in-law of Marc Rene de Montalembert.
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Paris, 20 March 1817
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Four pages, 12mo, very good condition. His correspondent's letter eventually reached him in Paris where he'd resided since the last August "in coinsequence of my son-in-law the Baron de Montalembert being appointed by the French Government Minister at the Court of Wurtemberg [...] but political reasons, and the difficulty of procuring a suitable house in that small capital have hitherto prevented our joining him." His daughter has to go through a "Municipal marriage" under the Napoleonic Code to establish her children's legitimacy. They plan to return to Stuttgart for a time then return down the Rhine with his grandson to Brussels, and then to England. "I shall then make you one of my earliest calls at the [British] Museum when I trust I shall find you well - illness and the sad state of my daughter's health [...] prevented my visiting any of my friends, except the day that I did [underlined twice] call on Mr Planta, yourself & Mr Combe [...] In the meantime have the goodness to add my name to the list of your subscribers for 2 copies of your interesting work of [sic] the ruins of Babylon - I fear I have no way of sending the amount from here - I assure you I am always happy to have the pleasure of seeing or hearing from you - & particularly wished it during the publication of the Oriental Memoirs - but you were tehn generally out of town, & I believe not in good health [...]" Note: Claudius Rich, Author of: 'Memoir on the Ruins of Babylon' ('Mines de l'Orient', reprinted London 1815); 'Second memoir on the ruins' (London 1818)