[Eleanor Rathbone; women's rights] Autograph Letter Signed to indecipherable name ("L.A.C." initials at the end of the accompanying typescript text of an "interview" with Rathbone, title "Women of Merseyside", with her annotations and corrections.

Eleanor F. Rathbone (1872-1946), independent M.P. and long-term campaigner for family allowance and for women's rights
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[Letter; printed heading] Oakfield, Penny Lane, Liverpool, no date; [Typescript] no date.
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Letter, 2pp., 12mo, some aging and a fold mark, but mainly good; Typescript, 6pp., 4to, fold mark, good condition. In the letter she writes, in a hurried difficult hand, that she has made a "few corrections" and thinks the author/interviewer has done her best to give interest with sparse material. She concludes "Don't let them cut out the bit about the Local Gov. [Franchises?]" which she thinks the most "new & interesting". Rathbone has obviously been interviewed and takes the opportunity to correct and add material in holograph, starting with correcting the middle initial to "F" and adding M.A.. She has put a line through some of the text and substituted a different form of personalised words (for example, more emphasis on her opinion concerning the responsibilities of landlords for repairs - housing is a major issue). She crosses out words about the position of the larder, and cuts down on information about Kitty Wilkinson (public washrooms stay in but nurseries are cut). She also re-words her statement about "the Women's Citizen's Association of which I am President" [last phrase added in MS], and adjusts her statement about a parliamentary Bill relating to moneylending. There are only minor additions and changes made to the page and a half devoted to her work for women's suffrage (progress made over the years). The interviewer concludes with a brief biography (Liverpool Council, her father as MP, Soldiers' and Sailors' Fmilies Association in Liverpool throughout the War, and President of The National Union for Equal Citizenship [sic]. Not know where published but it comes from a folder of "interviews" (statements made in response to questions, I assume) with women in Broadcasting, presumably by the same interviewer, L.A.C. (separately catalogued).