[Jane Porter, novelist and dramatists.] Autograph Letter Signed ('J. Porter') [to the publisher Henry Colburn], regarding plans for contributing to the 'Naval & Military Gazette' and 'New Monthly Magazine'.

Jane Porter ['Miss Jane Porter of Edinburgh'] (1776-1850), historical novelist and dramatist, best-known for her novel 'The Scottish Chiefs' [Henry Colburn (1784-1855), London publisher]
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'Edburgh [Edinburgh] - Novr: 11th -'.
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3pp, 18mo. Bifolium. In fair condition, on aged paper, with traces of mount adhering to blank reverse of second leaf. Folded three times. The male recipient is not named, but is Colburn, proprietor of the two magazines named. She begins by saying that she has 'duly received your last number of The Naval & Military - and also its accompanying note about some contribution for the New Monthly'. She hopes to be able to send some contributions 'early next week; - and before that a little article of past recollections, that may not be uninteresting for The Naval & Military'. She explains that she has 'not copied it all, else you should have it to-day, but I hope to send it off on Friday.' It 'relates to the once famous question of Admiral Byng, & was originally written by a friend of mine, (a deceased officer) who was present'. The whole of the third page is taken up with a postscript, in which she asks him in future to send the Naval & Military Gazette, 'sealed up, to the Care of Mr. John Churchill, Bookseller & Stationer - Carlton Street - four doors from Regent Street. This will be more convenient to me than through Mr. [Hankey?]'.~380~MANUSCRIPT AUTOGRAPH MISS JANE PORTER OF EDINBURGH SCOTLAND SCOTTISH COUNTY DURHAM BLUESTOCKING WOMEN'S STUDIES GEORGIAN NINETEENTH CENTURY LITERATURE WRITER WRITING AUTHOR THE NOVEL NOVELIST~~0~OL59~~~0~~ 22830~19/02/2020~False~John Adolphus (1768–1845), historian, barrister who defended Cato Street Conspirators, Tory pamphleteer [Thomas Cadell the younger (1773-1836), bookseller of London firm Cadell & Davies]~[John Adolphus, historian, rejects a publishing proposal from Cadell & Davies.] Autograph Letter Signed ('John Adolphus') to bookseller Thomas Cadell, regarding meeting to discuss a proposal. With Cadell's autograph memorandum of the proposal.~'Temple [London] | 6th. June 1825.'~Adolphus's letter, addressed to 'T. Cadell Esqr.', is 1p, 12mo, and on the recto of the first leaf of a bifolium. A nice artefact of publishing in Georgian London. The reference in the letter to Cadell's 'proposal' concerns his firm's terms for publishing a three-volume continuation of Adolphus's 'History of England from the Accession of George III to the Conclusion of Peace in 1783' (1802). Cadell's memorandum setting out his proposal fills the whole of the reverse of the first leaf, with one line extending to the recto of the second. The reverse of second leaf is laid down on part of leaf from album. In fair condition, on aged paper, with slight staining to second leaf from glue from mount. Folded twice. Adolphus, who from Cadell's memorandum opened negotiations for the work in a letter of 9 May, writes: 'I am sorry we parted so suddenly today. I should like to hear, at least, what you wished to propose. If you please, I will call on you some morning in my way from Westminster; or, if you are passing this way between 4 & 5 oClock, I shall be glad to see you.' Cadell's memorandum fills the whole of the reverse, beginning: 'N B: Called June 10 - and proposed as follows for the Copyright of each Volume.' He gives details of proposed payments for each of the three volumes, amounting to £500, 'to be paid 12 Mos. after publication'. After a reference to 'Copies to be presented to Mr A', Cadell continues: 'Could not ascertain at what time the first Portion (ending with the Peace of Amiens) would be sufficiently prepared for the Printing to begin.' Beneath this Cadell notes that the negotiations were not successful: 'N B: This proposal was not acceded to, and all further conference upon the subject ceased'. Between 1840 and his death in 1845 Adolphus published seven of the eight volumes of a new edition of his history, with the title amended to state that it spanned the period 'from the Accession to the Decease of King George the Third'.~450~MANUSCRIPT AUTOGRAPH JOHN ADOLPHUS HISTORIAN TORY LAW LEGAL CADELL THOMAS & WILLIAM DAVIES BOOKSELLERS THE STRAND LONDON BOOK TRADE BRITISH PUBLISHING BOOKSELLING~~0~OL59~~~0~~ 22831~19/02/2020~False~Lucy Aikin (1781-1864), Bluestocking author, niece of Anna Laetitia Barbauld [Dorothea Baillie [née Hunter] (1721-1806) mother of Joanna Baillie (1762-1851), Scottish poet and dramatist]~[Lucy Aikin to Joanna Baillie's mother.] Autograph Note Signed ('L Aikin'), informing 'Mrs. J. Baillie' about the visiting plans [in Hampstead] of 'Mrs. Booth' and friends.~No date or place. [Hampstead; before 1806.]~1p, 32mo. Bifolium. In fair condition, lightly aged, with short crease at foot of gutter. Folded twice. A nice association between two Bluestockings. Addressed on reverse of second leaf to 'Mrs. J. Baillie', i.e. 'Mrs James Baillie', being Joanna Baillie's mother Dorothea. (The Baillies were near-neighbours of Aikin in Hampstead.) Reads: 'My dear Mrs. Baillie | Mrs. Booth & her two friends will be with me soon after twelve today, & afterwards call on you. | Ever most truly | L Aikin'.~80~MANUSCRIPT AUTOGRAPH BLUESTOCKING BLUESTOCKINGS ROMANTIC LITERATURE WOMEN'S STUDIES LUCY AIKIN BARBAULD LAETITIA JOANNA AIKIN SCOTLAND SCOTTISH HAMPSTEAD GEORGIAN LITERATURE~~0~OL59~~~0~~ 22832~19/02/2020~False~Mustafa Resid Pasha [Musfafa Réchid Pacha] (1800-1858), Ottoman statesman and diplomat, chief architect behind the Tanzimat reforms ['Monsieur Ivichievich, of Wallachia'; Pangraphie]~Autograph Letter Signed ('Réchid.'), in French, to the author ['Monsieur Ivichievich, of Wallachia'?] of an 'ouvrage intitulé Panigraphie [sic, for 'Pangraphie']', which he will recommend to 'nos amateurs des langues en orient'.~30 July 1844; Constantinople.~1p, 4to. On aged paper, with traces of glue from mount on reverse, and six short diagonal scalpel-cuts, four of them across the text (not the signature). He has received with 'beaucoup de satisfaction' the unnamed recipient's 'ouvrage intitulé Panigraphie, que vous m'avez fait l'honneur de m'offrir'. He finds 'ce produit des [sic] vos talents [...] d'autant plus precieux, qu'il facilite l'etude des quatre langues les plus interessantes de l'Europe'. He will recommend the work 'à nos amateurs des langues en orient'. In thanking him for 'cet offre', he expresses happiness at having made the recipient's acquaintance, 'quoique par écrit'. 'Panigraphie' is clearly a mistake for 'Pangraphie', but no record to the publication of a work with that title has been discovered. In Mannheim in 1807 Heinrich Bürmann printed a 'Programme de la pangraphie, partie fondamentale de la caractéristique syntactique, système de notation universelle', and in 1850 Chambers' Edinburgh Journal reported that 'a Monsieur Ivichievich, of Wallachia, submits a plan of what he calls 'Pangraphie,' or universal writing'. The earliest use of the word 'pangraphic' ('writing on all subjects or in all forms') recorded in the OED is in 1821.~450~MANUSCRIPT AUTOGRAPH MUSTAFA RESID PASHA RÉCHID RESHID OTTOMAN EMPIRE TURKEY TURKISH TANZIMAT NINETEENTH CENTURY IVICHIEVICH WALLACHIA PANGRAPHIE~~0~OL59~~~0~~ 22833~19/02/2020~False~Robert Hunt (1807-1887), geologist, mineralogist, antiquarian, poet, and pioneer of photography [Anna Maria Hall [née Fielding] (1800-1881), Irish novelist, wife of Samuel Carter Hall, editor]~[Robert Hunt, geologist.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Robert Hunt') to 'Mrs S. C. Hall' (Anna Maria Hall), describing three subjects 'upon which I could write fairly well' for publication in the St James's Gazette.~30 April 1861; Museum of Practical Geology, Jermyn Street [London].~3pp, 18mo. Bifolium. In good condition, on lightly aged paper, with the reverse of the second leaf laid down on part of a leaf from an autograph album, which carries a biographical caption in a contemporary hand. Mrs Carter Hall's connection with the St James's Gazette is unclear, but she has evidently asked Hunt to contribute to the magazine. Hunt begins his reply: 'Dear Mrs Hall | there is no scarcity of subjects - my difficulty is to select the subject which I can deal with in a satisfactory manner & which shall be, at once, instructive & entertaining.' He proceeds to give a short summary of how he would treat two subjects 'upon which I could write fairly well', 'The Balance of Nature' and 'Light and Life'. After the second he writes: 'A third subject strikes me. Just now the Scientific World are excited by the Discoveries made by Kirkhoff & Bunsen as to the Composition of the Sun. I could give you a readable paper containing all the new facts - which we might call | The Composition of the Sun | or | The Sun and the Earth'. He concludes by stating that he is 'really desirous of aiding you - to the best of my powers. I regard the St James's with feelings of affection - I find it everywhere'.~150~MANUSCRIPT AUTOGRAPH ROBERT HUNT GEOLOGY GEOLOGIST MINERALOGY MINERALOGIST VICTORIAN NINETEENTH CENTURY PHOTOGRAPHER PHOTOGRAPHY SAMUEL CARTER HALL S.C. S. C. ANNE FIELDING ST JAMES'S GAZETTE LONDON~~0~OL59~~~0~~ 22834~19/02/2020~False~Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker (1817-1911), botanist and explorer, Director of the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew and Charles Darwin's closest friend~[Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker, Director of the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew and Charles Darwin's closest friend.] Autograph Note Signed ('J D Hooker.'), asking 'the value of a clean perfect copy of Gerardes' Herbal. 1st. Edition'.~8 July 1874; on embossed letterhead of the Royal Gardens, Kew.~2pp, 64mo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged, with recto of second leaf laid down on part of leaf from album, which carries biographical caption in contemporary hand. Reads: 'Dear Si[r] | Can you tell me the value of a clean perfect copy of Gerardes' Herbal. 1st. Edition. | Yrs | J D Hooker. | I do not want to buy a copy, only to know at what it has been sold lately.'~180~MANUSCRIPT AUTOGRAPH SIR JOSEPH DALTON HOOKER BONTANY BOTANIST ROYAL BOTANIC GARDENS KEW CHARLES DARWIN LONDON ENGLISH EXPLORER EXPLORATION GERARD HERBAL~~0~OL59~~~0~~