[The Indian Students' Department, London.] Two publications: 'Notes and Suggestions for Indian Students for the English Bar' and 'The Cost of Living for Indian Students in Great Britain'.

Indian Students' Department, London [education in Britain on the eve of the First World War]
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Both 'Issued by the Indian Students' Department' [London]. The first with slug dated '2/1914 [February 1914]'; the second with slug dated '7/1914 [July 1914]'.
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Two pamphlets, uniform in layout, both stab-stitched. Providing information on educational costs for Indian students (and students generally) in pre-war Britain. No copies of either on OCLC WorldCat. ONE: 'Notes and Suggestions for Indian Students for the English Bar' (February 1914). 17pp, 12mo. Aged and worn, with slight rust staining from paper clip. The first five pages arranged under the following heading: 'Examinations for Admission', 'Certificates', 'Fees', 'Bar Examinations', 'General Education', 'Reading in Chambers', 'Calls to the Bar', 'Admission to High Courts on Return', 'Vakils', 'Note on Examinations for Admission to one of the Inns of Court in London'. Followed by a ten-page table, made up of five double-page spreads, under headings 'Examination', 'Compulsory Subjects', 'Date', 'Examination Fee', 'Concessions to Indian Students'. TWO: 'The Cost of Living for Indian Students in Great Britain' (July 1914). 13pp, 12mo. In worse condition than Item One: aged and worn, with spotting and rust staining. Containing 'Notes on the various items of Expenditure', with lists, prices and accounts of expenditure, in sections on: clothing ('Outfit in England', 'Additional Clothes (for wealthier students)'), 'Board and Lodging' ('London' and 'Places other than London', including 'Clothes', 'Holidays', 'Sports and Society Subscriptions', 'Books', 'Other Expenses'), 'Oxford and Cambridge' ('The usual expenses at an Oxford College', 'Cambridge', and 'Typical Budgets' of 'expenditure of a Law Student in London', 'A Law Student at a Cambridge college', 'Cambridge, Indian Civil Service, and Law', 'Five years' Medical course at Edinburgh', 'Three years' Engineering course at King's College, London'). From the papers formerly held at the headquarters of the National Indian Association and the Northbrook Society, 21 Cromwell Road, London. For the context see F. H. Brown's article 'Indian Students in Great Britain' (with 'Discussion'), Asiatic Review, July 1925, quoting Sir Charles E. Yate: 'The special organization promoted by the State for the welfare and interests of Indian students in Great Britain is known as the Indian Students' Department, under the special charge of the High Commissioner for India, and on that Department lies the responsibility for the welfare or otherwise of the students.' See also the East India Association 1919 'Report of the Commission appointed by the government of India to enquire into the conditions and prospects of the University of Calcutta': 'Owing to the increasing number of Indian students in the United Kingdom, it was considered necessary in 1909 to constitute an organisation, subsequently called the Indian Students' Department, to supervise the needs of these Indian students. In recent years this Department has acted as an intermediary between educational institutions in the United Kingdom and Indian students. Provincial advisory committees have also been constituted in the important Indian centres.'