[ Llewelyn Powys ] Autograph Note Signed Llewelyn Powys to Mr[s?] Venn [?], a bookseller.

Llewelyn Powys [Llewelyn Powys (1884–1939), essayist, novelist and younger brother of John Cowper Powys and T. F. Powys.]
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[Headed] Chydyok, Chaldon Herring, Dorchester, Dorset, no date.
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One page, 8vo, fold mark, good condition, difficult to read (some guesswork involved). This is to introduce Miss [?] and Mr [Mrs?] Brown - Mr Brown is a visitor to this country from Baltimore where he is a librarian. He is a man of cukture and discrimination and I know it would be a privilege and pleasure for him to meet you and to see your bookshop. I wonder whether Taylor is with you - I am [?] but still must keep to my bed for a Time and a Time and Half a time.~56~AUTOGRAPH MANUSCRIPT POWYS SOCIETY JOHN COWPER POWYS YEOVIL~ ~0~SF41~ ~ ~ ~ ~