[ James Murray, Lexicographer ] Autograph Note Signed JAH Murray to Mr. Mount, apparently about [Cardinal?] Newman's use of English.

J.A.M. Murray [ Sir James Augustus Henry Murray (1837 – 26 July 1915), lexicographer and philologist.]
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[Headed] Dr. Murray, Oxford, 22 Oct. 1901.
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One page, 12mo, sl. grubby, and at one time torn in two and crudely repaired, text clear and complete. Mr. Brandreth has looked this up in Brit. Mus., and sent us this quotation. As it stands, we can make neither head nor tail of the passage; we cannot tell whether Newman is attacking or maintaining these tenets, some of which appear to be positive & some negative, and two of which seem to require the insertion of not [corrected to no] to make sense out of nonsense. Perhaps you can now see whether the passage recurs in the later edition, or whether he had himself in a more lucid moment seen the obscurity & altered it.