[ Peggy Salaman, aviator ] Autograph Note Signed Peggy Salaman to Mr Frewer [autograph-collector of Oxford], thanking him for his letter of congratulations and explaining why she can't get her fellow-aviator, Store's, autograph.

Peggy Salaman, aviator [aviatrix]
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[Headed] 8 Cambridge Square, Hyde Park, W2, 13 Dec. [1931]. The year has been added in another hand.
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One page, 12mo, good condition. Text: Thank you for your letter of congratulations, Mr Store is still in Kimberley so I cann not get his autograph for your collection. | I enclose a snap -shot of the lion cubs [not present] Juba and Joker and myself. Note: During October 30 - November 5 1931 - with Mr. A. Gordon Store - Peggy Salaman undertook a 7050 mile marathon flight in a de Havilland Puss Moth from Lympne in Kent to Cape Town in South Africa which lasted 5 days 6 hours and 40 minutes. The maps cover the routes from London - Marseilles, Marseilles - Rome, Athens - Rome, Athens - Crete, Cairo - El Sollum, Cairo - Wadi Halfa, Entebbe - Wadi Halfa, Abercorn - Entebbe and Cape - Livingstone.