[Mervyn Levy, Welsh Artist ] Substantial Autograph Letter Signed Mervyn to Brom [John Bromfield Gay Rees, Welsh artist] about prospective Exhibitions and Client/Collectors..

Mervyn Levy [(1914 – 1996), Welsh artist, art teacher and writer on art].
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[Headed] No. 3 Army College, Chisledon Camp, Nr. Swindon, Wilts., 2 Dec. 1947. With recycled envelope addressed in his hand.
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Four pages, 8vo, fold marks, good condition. Text: I was delighted [underlined] at long last to receive a reply to my letter: on one occasion [phrase underlined], I carefull replied to a certain letter - whic I had filed - seven years [phrase underlined] after I had originally received it: So a few months is nothing, my dear fellow! | I suggested to Gilbert Phelps that you might be the lad for 'Arts Chronicle' thismonth, but alas, your voice isn't quite OK: the microphone business is a bit tricky. [...] And you hear my review of the Royal West Academy on 19 Nov. I mentioned your still-life: really it wasn't much of a show, was it!. About the Welsh Show - [?] is still looking for a suitable gallery: I am now working [underlined] on the National Museum, through John Steegman & will of course let you know as soon as anything develops. The show at the St. George's Gallery was unknown iof to me, until I heard that Faed was showing there' | I have been asked to send some work to another [underlined] London Exhibition of Welsh Painting, due to open in early January at Heals' Galleries [underlined], Tottenham Court [leaf 2] Do you know anything about this show? The man organising it with Heals' is a fellow (a very bad painter) called Alan Tennant Moon, & if you would care to write to him c/o Heals, he would I am sure let you have particulars if you are interested - sending in dates - Dec. 29-3 Jan. | I will be in Bristol 27028 with my wife for my broadcast on Sunday 28th & would come to see you & like you to meet my wife also: could you perhaps put us up for a night? We are booked in the Grand Hotel for the Sat. to Sun: anyway let me know [?]: I have met a millionaire collector of pictures near here - a fellow called H.G.P. [H.J.P. Bomford] - a marvellous collector of French Impressionists - Manet, Cezanne, Renoire, - Degas - & heaven knows what else besides - Gainsborough - Reynolds - Constable - Turner[.] I have given in your name & will try & get him over to see your work as soon as I can.~180~AUTOGRAPH MANUSCRIPT WELSH ART MERVYNL ARTIST PAINTER COLLECTOR>~ ~0~RF1~ ~ ~ ~ ~