[Jewish Homeland] Autograph Letter Signed to the Rev. Townsend about post Armageddon and the return of Jews to their homeland

Thomas Fry.
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1 Upper East [Hayes?], Walcot, Bath, 3 Dec. 1847.
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Hebrew Scholar. Four pages, 4to, good condition. He has been looking at a manuscript written by his correspondent on a theological subject. He criticises it, suggesting expunging one passage if he considers publication, and arguing with some of the biblical interpretation (reign over the saints on a renewed earth . . .). He explains his viewpoint of the earth post-Armageddon I suppose, rhapsodically. The book of Revelations is to me for the most part a sealed book. He suggests his views are more suitable for the closet than the public. He expands on a passage in his letter in a postscript, presumably responding to a point made by his correspondent: I am disposed to receive the restoration of the Jews to their own land. I see nothing improbable in the rebuilding of their city & temple nay nor as [?] supposes the re-institution of the levitical sacrifices . . .