[Raymond Devos; Caryl Brahms & Ned Sherrin; typescript] OOM-PAH-PAH! Adapted by Caryl Brahms & Ned Sherrin.

Raymond Devos [(1922 – 2006), Belgian-French humorist, stand-up comedian and clown].
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ENDOR PRODUCTIONS LIMITED, Royalty House, Dean Street, London W.1.
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Stiff paper covers clipped together, blue, stained, 95pp., 4to, text, good condition. From the lack of information about this play, it obviously bombed. The script by Ned Sherrin and Caryl Brahms was called Oom - Pah - Pah. It was a translation of a long - running Parisian hit Les Pupitres, which means the music stands. The idea was simple. A second - rate orchestra runs out of money and disbands. The musicians wander around Paris using their instruments in weird and witty ways to earn a sou or two. Based on Devos's Les Pupitres (see Braham Murray, The Worst it can be is a Disaster, p.36. No other copy traced.