[Edmund Evans, Wood Engraver and Printer] Autograph Letter Signed Edmund Evans to Mr H. [Charron?]. about Charles Keene.

Edmund Evans (1826-1905), wood engraver and colour printer who worked with Greenaway, Crane, Caldecott and others.
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[Printed] Witley, Surrey excised. [handwritten] 27 Victoria Road, Deal, 15 Sept. 1897.
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Four pages, 16mo, bifolium, some staining, closed tear on joint, but text clear and complete, as follows: I am sorry that I cannot give you the information about Charles Keene that you ask for. I know that he made some drawings on wood for me - for 'yellow backs' but forget what they were, remembering only some were for Bulwer Lytton's novels, nor do I remember the date, but it was when he had a large top room, over an Engineer's shop in the Strand, about opposite Norfolk Street, before he drew for 'Punch'. I cannot claim the praiseworthy foresight you credit me with, for I have no record of the drawings, so I suppose he drew them direct on the novel, not making a sketch first which I should have kept. I look'd through my book of sketches a few weeks ago, but do not remember seeing any by him. When I get back to Witley, in about a month, I will look again and let you know if I find any thing.- I had an attack of paralysis 5 [?] years ago, and have not been fit for business since. I shall be here 'till next Tuesday, then at Hastings 3 or 4 weeks before going back to Witley, Surrey. I am glad to now you are writing a biography of C.K. [Charles Keene]. Note: No such biography has been traced.