[George Thompson, abolitionist] Autograph Letter Signed Geo Thompson [Alexander Shirreff?- an autograph hunter?], discussing his correspondent's interest in collecting autographs, encouraging him to collect remarkable Females.

George Thompson [George Donisthorpe Thompson (1 1804 – 1878), British anti-slavery orator and activist ]
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London, 8 April 1854.
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Three pages, 12mo, bifolium, remnants of glue where tipped in somewhere, good condition. A difficult hand at times. Text: If you have been hitherto successfully collecting the Autographs of distinguished Individuals I have not been at all careful to preserve those which have, from time to time, come into my hands; otherwise I might have been able to have sent you a few specimens of eminent public men &amongst others that of the present Prime Minister [&?] from other parties, however, you will no doubt obtain all that ytou require and I may reasonabl[y] presume that your gallantry does not permit you to exclude from your collection the Autographs of remarkable Females - Under this beleif [sic] I send you the [undeciphered] of a Lady who [?] for several years past [undeciphered word] a very great degree of fortitude and patience which it is to be feared will never - in this world - be rewarded by the [return?] of those near & dear to her. See image of pp.2-3.