[Earl of Cromer; Egypt; Cattle Plague] Part only of an Autograph Letter Signed Cromer, with reference to cattle plague (rinderpest) as affecting Egypt and to the Southern Ports (eg Suez). Recipient unknown.

Lord Cromer [Evelyn Baring, 1st Earl of Cromer (1841 – 1917), statesman, diplomat and colonial administrator. Created Baron Cromer in 1892.
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Place and date presumably in missing half of the letter. [Post 1892?].
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Text on both sides of the bottom half of an Autograph Letter Signed, 12 x 9cm, a sprawling hurried handwriting. Text; [p.1] [...] due to the death of the [Princess?]. | The cattle plague is a serious business - I do not think we shall be able to do [p.2] bottom half only] about the [occupation?] of the Southern ports [Suez, Port Said?]. There need to be no hurry. The matter can [stand over?] for a while.