[W.R. Grove, Welsh Judge and Scientist; [Father of] Fuel Cell Technology] Two Autograph Notes Signed WRGrove, one to an undeciphered name, with references to distinguished colleagues, the other to an unnamed correspondent.

W.R. Grove [Sir William Robert Grove, (1811 – 1896), Welsh judge and physical scientist. [Fuel Cell Technology]
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A. No place given 14 June 1864; B. Abergavenny, Carmarthen, 12 Oct. 1872.
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A. Three pages, 12mo, bifolium, some foxing and wear, text clear and complete, but scrawled. For the last two years or more in consequence of suffering severely from [undeciphered illness - see image of pp.1 &3] I have been obliged to give up all [evening?] visiting - [Were it not [?] it would have given me the greatest pleasure to have come to you [?] Colvill [scientist?] on this [?]. | For some reason was printed my coming to the meetings of the R[oyal] S[ociety]. Please tell this to Sabine as I am not a willing deserter but my only chance of holding on is by going to bed early & getting up early, & not exciting myself even agreeably in the evening; B. One page, 12mo, text clear and complete. Dear Sir | The 'Sir' & 'Mr.' are not used together you can put the Hon Sir W.R. Grove on the Hon Mr Justice[.] Note: Sir William Robert Grove, FRS FRSE (11 July 1811 – 1 August 1896) was a Welsh judge and physical scientist. He anticipated the general theory of the conservation of energy, and was a pioneer of fuel cell technology. He invented the Grove voltaic cell. [Wikipedia]