[Nancy Mitford, novelist] Autograph Postcard Signed N M to Le Comte Antonini [presumably Giacomo Antonini ( 18 September 1901 ? 1983 ), Italian literary critic and secret agent .

Nancy Mitford, novelist
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[Embossed] 7 Rue Monsieur VII | Suffren 7665, postmark '14-5 | 1952'.
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Postcard, 13.5 x 8.5cm, good conditiuon. Text: You asked me to let you know when any English writers are here - Anthony Powell & his wife are at the Hotel d'Angleterre, [word not deciphered] Jacob. | I'm too busy with my party etc to organize anything at the moment, but I'm sure you would enjoy a chat with him & so would he. If not [word undeciphered] do ring him up [de ma part?]. See you I hope on Wednesday & Madame Antonini - it will be the world & his wife! See Image.Note: Mitford got his address slightly wrong, corrected to 6 rather that 8 Square Henri Pate | Paris 16ieme.